Bookstore ****

Normally, when I go to my local bookstore, I visit the theater as this is the place where most of my ******** happen. It's my favorite place and I'm used to it.

There is another bookstore that doesn't have a general theater, it only has single person video booths and no glory holes so it's more stress - at least at first. 

Each booth has a video monitor and a set of buttons for selecting movies. You get a pre-paid card with credits and then can watch what you want. Pretty standard from what I've read (not too many different stores to compare in my experience). Anyhow - what happens is you go in, pick a movie and if you want company, you leave the door unlocked. I found this out by going, locking the door and over the span of 10 minutes, all sorts of people walked by and tested the door - very gently - just to see if it opened and they were welcome. First time I went, after I figured it out, a dude tested the door after I unlocked it walked in,  checked out the movie to see what I was into I guess and whipped out his ****. I sucked him off, he left.

Next dude walks in, same night, I suck him and then he reaches for me and sucks me. Wow - simple and direct. Loving it.  This pattern established, I would go once in a while and the pattern would repeat. Suck a dude or two and then get sucked  and leave.  Not bad.Pretty simple except I didn't get the protocol at the time which seems to be (after researching) to be 1) video watcher is there to be blown, not blow for sure 2)  person who walks in blows first and then optionally gets blown. 

I was there one night however and it was kind of different.  The place was mostly empty so I wander around and find an empty booth. Not busy I jerk a while and notice no activity. I see a dude walk by but he doesn't stop. So I go out and find the dude's video booth. I test it and go in. He whips out **** and I'm apparently supposed to blow it. fine - I do. he comes--- lots of throbbing in a very long ***. He gets up, walks out. 

I wander around again - as no one was coming into my booth and find a second guy. He looks nervous but his **** is out - fully clothed except his **** is out. Unfortunate since it was a nice one so I blow him and he runs off. This is when I though - hmm - sitting in a booth means waiting for a blow job ?  While I was blowing him, I looked up at him, eyes up and he avoids my look. Shame or something but hard as a rock. 

I wander around again find third dude. He was younger and lets me blow him but then pulls away and asks for my ****. He starts on me while jacking furiously and as soon as he comes - gets up and walks out. What about me --- hard and unfulfilled. Apparently only likes sucking while hard and jacking.  

Fourth dude was different. 9 incher - no lie - would not let me suck but did the same think - jerked himself and blew me. When he came left - me unfulfilled .

what was up with this ? no suckers, and when they suck as they jerk, they leave when they *** ?  strange. 

This was silly but I was horny so I walk to next booth--- I suck the dude and get up and ask for his suck... he says he doesn't... I finish him and he leaves. Pattern continues. 

Crazy as it sounds--- i stay and suck three more guys - normal sized dudes this time  - 8 total until the last guy... I was ready to burst but the last guy after I suck him, sits me down and gives me the ******* of my life. Harder than ever, ready to blow, he sucks me slow, then hard then slow and just the right speed. I was so hard, when I finally came, it wasn't very much --- **** almost too hard to squirt.

after he left - i jerked again... and this time a massive *** landed on the floor and I was happy, tired and amazed... **** **** me ? usually 1 for 1 in these places but this time I went for 8 ***** in one night... of course it was for selfish reasons but isn't it always ?

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well at least the last guy ****** u. i'm thinking in going to one of these places soon to get **** by many dicks not to suck onl

I love adult bookstores.<br />
Discovered them when in law school.<br />
I just go into an arcade booth with a gloryhole and<br />
wait for a **** to come through.<br />
<br />
I am a great ********** and usually get a mouthful of ***.

Yes, I do love them. I first went about 10 years ago. The first and second time stories are from then. For a while I went infrequently, gaining experience sometimes too shy to get any action, preferring to watch before getting out of there. More recently I've started to go more often and not too shy about it. Careful yes, need to be aware of others but it works out more often now.

Wow, 4 stories about adult bookstores. You must really love them although it sounds like you didn't discover them until very recently. I've been enjoying them for a long time. I added you to my circle so if you'd like to exchange experiences add me to yours and we can enjoy the advantages of being friends. Maybe even friends with benefits. :-)<br />
<br />
I hope you keep sharing your experiences. I definitely enjoy reading about them.