Friday Night In The ABS Again

So, Friday night rolls around, and I haven't been to the local Adult Bookstore for a while, so I figure I'll stop in for a visit. The clerk looks up and recognizes me, and says "Hi" but then no one is there.

I drift back to the viewing booths, and fish in my pocket for a quarter or two. I have four total, besides some one dollar bills. I don't feel like blowing them just yet, so I wander out front and visit with the clerk. He says it's been slow since they were raided a few weeks ago, but to his surprise, there are some people who show up regularly and have been keeping them in business.

I ask about the back room and viewing booths, and he says it's been about the same, but he's made 40 dollars on it in the last few hours, but nobody usually  comes in this late.

I watch on a security camera behind him as a black pick-up pulls into the parking lot and then backs in. As the dude comes to the front glass door, I back up into the shadows of the entryway of the viewing booths. There's little chance of my being seen as he whips in. I move a bit farther back, and the guy walks over to the DVD shelves around the corner from the entrance to the viewing booths room.

So, I drift back to my favorite booth, fish out a quarter and drop it into the slot. There are 16 channels here, with about half  gay, half hetro, and about every other one a  group scene. In short, some variety for all tastes. But I notice something:
At least four or five of the movies have run out and are stalled on a menu page or stilled. There are only about ten or so movies actually playing as I flip through the scenes.

My quarter runs out, and I stand outside the booth, watching to see if his shadow falls through the doorway into this room. I can hear the sounds of a woman really enjoying herself echoing over from the small dark theater room next door. She's really into it, and it's up louder than in prior weeks.

Finally, I hear the back door of the store slam, and I come out to the showroom again. Did he leave, I ask? Yep, only looked at DVDs but  then didn't buy or rent anything  and left.  I suggest that maybe he was waiting to see if anyone else was in here or coming soon, like me.  "Naw, he's a regular DVD customer."

I walk back to the small theater and stick my head in. The chimes go off, and I glance up at the projection screen. It's a real close-up of this woman's vagina being pounded by a meaty ****. It's huge and she's moaning and mewing in time with the thrusts. I walk out again. (Normally, to enter would cost you $7 but the clerk knows me and that I'm not into that.)  I joke with the clerk that either he's turned the sound up some, or she's really, really getting off this week. It's a running joke between us that I keep commenting on how the women in the flick always seem to be doing the same thing when I peek in on them.

I'm standing around chatting for an hour, and I'm just about to pull the plug and leave, when I spot some headlights swing into the parking lot on the security camera. He parks out of range of the camera, and in a few moments, a figure suddenly appears at the glass door. I get the impression that he's looking directly at the doorway to the viewing booths where I am retreating as he enters the store.

I move to my booth #6 and I hear the clerk answer him "Yes, they take quarters or dollars", so I know that he's coming into the booths. Lucky me, I was about to leave. I get settled and fish in my pocket for my last few quarters. I hear some rustling, and as I drop a quarter, the door to the next booth #8 closes. The guy sits down, then spots my hand towel laying in the hole. I've carefully embroidered a simple "Hand Job" on the end facing him.

I think I hear a voice ask, "Is this your towel?,"  but it's not clear cause of the noise of some guy getting ****** blaring from my speaker. I stick a few fingers over top of the folded towel and wiggle it, getting his attention. "Not yet," I hear a youthful voice say clearly.  Then the guy says, "Can I come over there?" "No" I answer, my voice an octave or two below my normal range. (I Should have said "What for", I kick myself.)
I withdraw my fingers and sit, flipping through the channels. Most have stalled and are menu pages. I remember I've forgotten to tell the clerk out front.

Impatient, I stick my finger through the hole, wiggle my finger again, and he complains, "Give me a moment"... and then he starts fingering himself through his shorts. I can see his crotch through the hole, but he doesn't expose himself. I set for 3 or 4 minutes, waiting as my third quarter runs out. He's not moving very fast, and when his quarters run out...  he gets up and leaves!

I sit waiting, as I see his shadow walk around my booth #6 and enter #7, across from my entrance. No way can I leave without his knowing it or seeing me. Or making a move on me. So, I sit and listen. I drop my last quarter, and he sounds like he's enjoying the show. Or is that just the amplified soundtrack?  I get out my wallet to fish out a dollar, when I hear his show end. He walks out again, through the viewing room, and out the shop door.

I put the dollar back into my wallet and think to myself, " I'm either putting out the wrong vibes, or these guys are all into something else." I'm not about to expose myself to risk, but it's amazing how many of these guys are. They seem to expect to hook up in a booth regardless of the consequences.

I walk out to the clerk and I'm about to tell him about the channels, when I see he's not there. I look around, and he's not in the showroom. I figure he's going out for a smoke, when I hear the bathroom flush next to the little theater room. I turn and walk out the back door, hearing the chimes as I leave. That will give him a rush, I think. He'll come running out of the bathroom to an empty store with his **** in his hands, expecting a new customer has come in. I chuckle at the thought, but I don't wish him any ill will. I just get in my car and leave.  It's just another slow Friday late night.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

The ABS has just announced they are now open 24/7 Wed, Thurs, Fri, & Sat. Going to try to compete with the larger modern chain store 10 miles south. I visited them last night for a half hour, but no one came in. The one viewing booth customer left after his $5 and 20 minutes of tokens were used up. Hope they can afford it!

i little too boring and nonproductive forme on a fri night, rather go after a sure thing.