Extended Hours At The Abs

Well, the local adult bookstore has extended their hours, now open 24/7 for four nights of the week.

Last night was the first extended hours, and the first night other than Friday that I could get to them before they closed. So I went in and greeted the clerk. He nodded and confirmed there was one guy in the viewing booths, so I pivoted and went right in. I cocked my sunglasses (at midnight, mind you) so I could see over them, and walked through the maze carefully so that I wouldn't run into anyone. I got to booth #6 without hearing any coins drop nor seeing anyone, and so I pushed in and started setting up.

Now, when i go, I carry a few necessities with me. You may find this weird, but so what: It's how I do my business. First, I pulled out a plastic lunch meat container that I have re-purposed with blue spray on paint. It works as a light shield and just fits over the dim light normally on inside the booth. Second, I turn and slide the bolt on the door.
Then, I hang my belly pack from a hook, pull out a  face mask (masquerade ball mask) and swap it for the sunglasses. I pull out a hand towel and any left over tokens, some lube, and a vinyl glove before sitting on the bench and dropping a token in the slot.
All of this takes under a minute, and I try to hurry if I think someone is in the next booth, or coming soon. The hardest thing is to don the vinyl glove and contain my racing heart.

My heart sinks if the guy next door tries to peer in at me. I go to great lengths to keep it dark in my booth and keep from being recognized. But I'm not sure if it works.

Last night, some guy must have come in while I was turned around and by the time I sat down, he was seated facing me in the opposite booth. I could see his cream colored pants through the glory hole, and he must be able to see my black pants and jacket as well. I wiggled my finger in the hole and waited. Nothing. He didn't even drop a token or quarter on his side, so I dropped one on mine and flipped through the channels while watching him.

Eventually, he unzipped and hesitantly held his **** in the circular hole, but held back a little, shy or unsure. I suspect he's waiting to see my mouth appear in the hole, but I reached forward and stroked his **** lightly. I played with the head, and realized that it was weeping slightly. I think he had either come already, or he had been edging before I arrived. He must have been in another booth and heard me come in.

As I reached for some lube, he pulled back, zipped up, and walked out of his booth. I was insulted. But I wasn't offering what he wanted. I waited and heard him walk through the showroom, hit the rear door, set off the chimes and then the door slammed. I gathered up my things, walked out to the clerk and shook my head. I just didn't know what he wanted and knew that I wasn't going to give it to him. The parking lot was empty.
Tonight, I rushed over to the ABS and found a changing of the guard as far as the clerks go. There were one or two cars in the parking lot, and one belonged to the new overnight clerk. I walked in and asked if anyone was back there, and he cocked his head and said yes, TWO were there. I quickly turned and entered the dark maze.

I made my way to booth #6, as I heard coins dropping elsewhere in the maze. If they were watching each other, they'd be in #3 & 4, the only other buddy booth.

I set up and almost as quickly, someone walked to the entrance of #6 as I dropped a token in the slot. My "in use" light lit, and I flipped through the channels. This time, I was ready for them, and had a hand towel with the words "HAND JOB" printed in contrasting color on it. I reached my finger through the hole, over the towel, and pulled the towel back. Almost immediately, a long, lank, and limp **** came through the hole,and I thought "That wasn't hard."  How wrong I was!

I stroked it a few times, and then realized it was dry and I had no lube out. I tickled it a little, but it didn't stiffen. I reached one hand in my pocket and the **** withdrew. I guess he must have zipped up, cause he left within a few moments, as another shadow walked toward the door of #6, and finding it occupied, went elsewhere. When the bolt for #8, my buddy, was pulled and opened, the two shadows converged and there was some low discussion. One was filling the other one in.

A few moments later, another person entered #8, locked it and sat down, dropping a coin. I wiggled a finger or two, and put the towel through the hole. He sat rubbing his crotch and then got up and left. I heard the rear door slam, and wondered who had left. I sat and waited. My most recent buddy walked down the room to #4 and entered, dropping coins. I waited a minute or two, and hearing him renew the coins, I packed up and walked briskly to #3.

I slipped inside, blocked the light, dropped a token, and pushed the red buddy button for a moment. A red glow winked on the other side of the frosted glass, and I immediately deactivated mine again. I cycled through the channels until I came to one with a noisy female who was getting pounded. If figured that might have advertised my interest, and i wiggled my fingers through that hole in the wall. These two booths, 3 & 4, sit facing the same direction, and the hole is beyond the buddy window, so it's very difficult to get down and look back at the seats. But you can't see who's approaching, like in #6.

After a moment or two, a long, lanky **** that was limp came through, and I immediately dripped some lube on it, rubbing the head, but it didn't get erect. I switched hands and started to stroke it, but it didn't respond. The **** pulled back when the token next door ran out, and he shoved his hand and wrist through the hole palm up with fingers spread. He was groping, apparently looking to touch my package. I hesitated and decided just to say, "No". He pulled his hand back, then pulled the bolt and walked away. I sat for a moment, watching my quarter run out, and then packed up again.

I stood in the hallway outside #3 and considered. Was he just not into a hand job, or was he fishing for a blow job? He hadn't said anything. I heard him drop several more tokens, two at a time, about two minutes total. And then i decided: I needed to be more aggressive if I wanted him to come, and I was wasting time. He either would avoid me, or think i was somebody new.

I walked to #6, slipped in, covered the light, dropped a coin, sat down and then wiggled a finger. I figured he was watching my crotch so I unzipped my fly, unbuckled my pants and without "dropping trou", just started rubbing my package. The token next door ended, and he got up and left. I sat back, buckled up my pants and waited for my token to end. I heard the guy ask where the restroom was, and shortly afterward, heard the fan in the ceiling kick in.

I gathered everything up, and had almost left, when I had the sense that someone was walking outside. I replaced the light shade, sat down and dropped another coin. Immediately, someone entered the next booth, and I wiggled my finger. A long, lanky, limp **** came through and I immediately grabbed it by the base, trapping it. I worked the head with my lubed glove, rubbing the ridge, the rim, the hole, stroking the shaft, I gripped the base of the penis firmly, but the damn thing never got firm. I traded hands off and on, and milked the **** running down to the end. When the lube ran out, I applied more. I let it dry out, I spit on the ****, I rubbed it dry again, I ran a finger around the rim. Never did it get firm though I heard the guy groan a little, and he shifted position in the hole once or twice. I decided to do some detailed finger work on the head, and as I ran my finger back and forth on the hole (meatus), he pulled back, zipped up and walked across the room to #3.

I figured I had had enough. I had given it my best shot, and I wasn't going to go any farther. I packed up, and when I heard him drop another token or two, I slid the bolt quietly, walked out to the showroom and just stood their shaking my head. The clerk chuckled, cause he knows I've been struggling with figuring out the code of the glory hole, and why I can't get a **** to respond. I asked if the other guy left, and he looked up and said, "I think he's still back there, in the theater. Why don't you go back and look in for me?"

I just shook my head, and he immediately realized that i wasn't going to and why. I don't want to be recognized. It occurred to me that he might have missed that the guy from the bathroom had come back to viewing booths again, but I didn't care. I was done. I walked out the door, found my car, and realized that the two-seater sports car that had been next to me was gone. In it's place was an SUV.

So, maybe this was guy #3, or maybe the first two had come together and left together. Whatever it was, the night was over, and nobody had 'gotten off'.

Interesting, yes, challenging, yes, but satisfactory? Not yet.

Tomorrow night is Friday night, and traditionally, this shop is known to stay open past midnight. Maybe it'll pick up again. I hope so. I'm getting frustrated!
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56-60, M
May 18, 2012