Trying Them On

We went to a bookstore with lingerie and there was a male clerk and one other male customer in the store. We picked out several outfits for me to try on. I would go in the changing room and put them on while hubby waited in the store for me to come out and show him.
The first time they didn't seem to notice. For the second outfit the customer was standing by a nearby rack but the outfit wasn't that sexy for him to see anything. The third time was a bustier that had a peek-a-boo top that the cups were tied. The customer was no where to be seen and hubby tried to untie the cups but they were tied so snug he didn't want to tear them. Just then the clerk was walking by and to my surprise hubby asked him for help as he didn't want to tear the outfit.
I just stood there not knowing what to say as the clerk came over saying he'd be glad to help. He reached over and put one hand on my breast and squeezed and used his other to pull on the tie.
As the tie popped loose out came my nipple as I could feel his hand holding my *** squeeze a little tighter. Hubby thanked him for his help and he replied "my pleasure" as I'm sure it was. The final outfit was a sheer black teddy with a tie and a little fur along the edges. As I came out my hubby said over here. I turned around to see him standing by the counter with the clerk whose eyes looked like they were ready to pop out as I might as well been naked. Hubby said come over so I can get a good look, I did knowing he really only wanted the clerk to see me up close. As I got to the counter the clerk said " anything else Joe?" I turned around to see the customer, who I thought had left, staring at my naked ****. Hubby asked them which one we should buy and they both said the black one.
I went to dress and when I came out the clerk said that Joe had paid for the outfit for his appreciation. Then the clerk asked me for one more look at my ****. Without hesitation I pulled my top off and as a bonus I surprised him and hubby by pulling my shorts down exposing my ***** to them. I thought they both were going to faint. The clerk reached over and handed me the bustier and said thank you it's on me.
We were no sooner in the car and I had hubbies **** out sucking on it telling him I was so hot he had to **** me good when we got home.
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14 Responses Jan 8, 2013

fantastic! must have looked incredible in that see through teddy with all those eyes fixated on all the feminine goodness on display

That is an awesome idea! I would love to try it with my wife. I can easily imagine how hot that got both of you.

Us men love it when you women do that to us. :-)

I love doing that to men too...It is exciting.

That's a good wife for sure....hats off girlfriend

Awesome! So you earned BOTH outfits by showing off your body that day? GOD, your husband is a lucky man!!

Nice story . Makes me horny hearing it.

Hot! Love to be riding back home with you guys.

Good story

excelent story !!! You rock!!!


Wow that is one hot story.I wish I were as lucky as the clerk.I would love to play with your tities and squeeze on your nipples.

I need to shop near by you.

I would loe to take you shopping! Why is it when I go to store no woman is trying anything on?