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Buddy Booth

My husband and I regularly go to various adult bookstores in the Portland area - there are a TON of them here.

We found this one with a "Buddy Booth", where you can watch videos, but one side of the room has a window to look through (no glory hole - :-( )

Anyways, we've gone in there a few times, gotten horny looking at the movies and headed back to the buddy booth.  Usually, someone immediately goes into the room next door to see what we're going to do.  I waste no time in getting completely nude (it's not like I'm wearing that much anyways), and my husband strips down too....we turn on the video and start ************ each other - it doesn't take long before I'm sitting on his lap, facing the window, taking his **** into my *****.  I can see the guy in the next room, standing, and stroking his hard **** makes me *** when the guy in the other room shoots his load all over the window....sooo hot.

My husband loves to *** inside me, and let the guy see my ******** up close - then he cleans me up....all while we have  an audience.

A few times, I've walked out of the room completely nude, except for my heels, through the bookstore part, and out to the car - with my husband completely the time we get to the car, he's hard again and ***** me again....

...may have to repeat this this weekend!


Ally77 Ally77 31-35, F 48 Responses Feb 25, 2010

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Been to one of theses "Buddy Booths" they are fun.

I love your stories. You turn me on immediately. Would you please add me.

Sexy! i've never seen a buddy booth here in the UK - shame!

That is very hot. I am glad you and your lucky hubby get to enjoy showing you off at adult bookstores. I love that you walked completely naked through the store and parking lot.
Do you ever suck other mens ***** at the buddy booths?

Wish we had buddy booths around here!!

Do you ever invite anyone else inside the booth to ****?

We enjoy this kind of fun too. Unfortunately our last ABS closed about 2 years ago. In addition to what you liked, we liked to invite a guy into the booth with my wife (I'd go into the next booth to give them more room) - that's how she got her quota of young hardbody guys. Usually with her bending over the seat, and being taken from the rear.

That;s a very hot story!

I love it, very hot story please write some more of your expereinces

My wife and I go to the adult bookstore too! She loves to find the booth with a glory hole. We go together, but she always ends up blowing a few guys before we leave!

I have been to these and have had my **** sucked and have sucked a lot of **** and swallowed ***. A few times i have let a guy with a small shaft **** me as I jack off. My wife has gone and we try to get two guys to **** us at the same time...

very nice! portland has some fun play places, huh!

I think I know that store ! I hope we cross paths I would love 2 shoot a load on the glass 4 you!

Incredibly hot! Absolutly outstanding! I want to find that book store.

You are the perfect woman!

after reading that I am heading to the bookstore on interstate were the gloryholes are at.spend some time there...

It a very erotic experience to have sex in a adult bookstore. My wife and I on one occasion were in a adult bookstore which only had one young guy in the back xxx movie booth room. We left the curtain open so he could watch us ****, after me and my wife were done having sex in the booth, we allowed him to suck on her **** and put his hand up her *****. My wife ended up jerk the young guy off, and then wiping her wet ***** with her panties and gave it to the young guy as a gift.

I had a cuckold couple an i made the wife do something just like that. she blew me and i shot my *** on her face and ****.I made her walk around the store with *** all over her.

Ally - Check your Whiteboard. There's a 1000 character limit so I had to break it up into 2 posting. I'd love to chat sometime about our respective adventures if you're interested.

Kinky....would love to hear more about the theater in Tampa....<br />
<br />
We go to Vegas occassionally, and have been known to be seen on San Diego beaches....LOL....

HStoner - I couldn't agree more.<br />
<br />
Ally - You are a pro, but only in a good way. You're a professional pleasure giver. ;-)<br />
<br />
I am sooo jealous of all these guys that get to watch you strut your video arcades, in modeling studios, in airports [I'll never forget your story about the Wichita airport], in ***** clubs and now you're thinking about a theater visit. Damn!!! I've missed it all. :-(<br />
<br />
Do you and stud muffin ever make it to Vegas or Phoenix or San Diego? There's some great theaters in those cities that I'd love to help you enjoy, but the one I think you'd enjoy the most is in Tampa. If you want to hear more, drop me a line and I'll tell you all about it. I'll be down that way soon taking the grandkids to Disney World, but I doubt if I'll find time to make the drive over to Tampa.<br />
<br />
But if you were going to be there...I might just take a later flight home.

That is the epitome of a great marriage.

Kinky - you're just soooooo, well, kinky! Love it.<br />
<br />
We've done things in adult theaters before - but it's time for a repeat. Last month, while we were waiting to be turned on by a sweet young thing at a lingerie modelling studio, my husband got so horny that he started ******* me right there in the lobby of the studio - it was sooooo hot, as about 3 other guys watched and took their ***** of the girls thought I was a prostitute, but when my husband told her that I was his wife, she's invited us back to her room for her show.<br />
<br />
She was a very petite girl...maybe 4'10" - and she and did lots and lots of things together LOL<br />
<br />
My husband was well spent after that "show"...

Ally - So sorry for not responding sooner, but thanks for the update. My life's been extremely hectic this fall and haven't found much time for my EP friends. :-(<br />
<br />
OK, back to this adventure. So now you've had sex in the buddy booth, both of you walked out into the arcade area naked, through the store naked and out into the parking lot to your car completely naked. And that made you both so turned on that you ****** again right there in your car. WOW!!! Your man must be quite the stud. Not surprising (you deserve nothing less) but still awesome.<br />
<br />
You know what I'd like to hear about you doing next? Instead of just walking out to your car. It'd be super hot if the two of you were to hang out (pun intended) naked in the arcade area after exiting the booth. There's usually a display case in those areas showing the movies that are playing in the booths. You could pretend to be choosing what to watch next and just didn't bother to get dressed while deciding. Perhaps you could openly fondle his **** while you stand there and if it's got *** dripping off it, you could bend over and clean it with your mouth...making sure to keep your legs straight while sucking it clean so your *** and ***** are displayed to the maximum extent possible.<br />
<br />
I remember once in a theater sitting in the row in front of a couple watching her suck his ****. At one point she pulled it out of her mouth and sort of waved it at if teasing me with the beautiful **** she had to play with. I loved it. I'll bet the guys in the arcade area would enjoy your teasing them with your stud muffin's **** as well. I know i'd help any way I could to facilitate your fun if I was there and I bet there's lots of other guys that would too.


What's exactly standing up??

So hot ally.. you stories make me stand up in attention lol

Insane fun!!

kinky<br />
<br />
I loved it when he said he'd do it....totally excited me, especially knowing that guys and a few girls could see *** dripping off his ****, and that he was getting hard again. I think he enjoyed it as much as me! He loves to show off (me too!)

Ally, good for him. Glad he enjoyed it so much. Sounds like he might be quite the exhibitionist. I bet the guys were enjoying the view...of both of you. How did you feel about his decision to join you in the nude walk through the store and out to your car? Did it excite you? As much as it did him? I think it's great that you two are so open with your sexuality. Thanks for letting me know he did it. I wish I'd been there.