******* In Adult Bookstore Theater


I walked into the adult bookstore, nervous, wanting to get to the theater as quickly as possible. I had been here before but only watched the movie and then ran off. Today would end up different. I go in, there are a couple girls on screen licking each other. Hard to see in the dark  room so I feel my way to the second last row and sit in a middle seat.  My eyes adjust and I see a few heads in the room, two guys side by side, clearly ******* each other off. A single guy is two rows up, discreetly looking around.

I get comfortable and watch the movie, rubbing myself and getting hard. The single guy gets up and wanders back one row to sit right in front of me. I was hoping he'd sit next to me but nothing. I continue to rub my **** and finally decide to take it out. I pull my pants down a little and am enjoying short strokes. The guy in front is just sitting there quietly so I ignore him and jerk myself for a bit. I notice the guy in front slouching a little, and then he turns around clearly to watch me. The seats are kind of close in this theater so his face is only about a couple feet away from my ****. He lowers his head closer and closer like he wants better look which is ok by me but then he opens his mouth and just holds it there. My **** is about a foot from his mouth and rock hard. He's done his part as his chin is resting on the seat in front, anything else is up to me. I am very nervous but i slowly bring my **** up to be closer to his mouth. Takes me a while cause for some reason I'm being careful, even though it's pretty obvious whats going on. Hey, it's my first time. My **** gets close enough to his mouth that he can reach out with his tongue and lick my head. We do that for a while and then I basically stand up a little so he can suck all of me. I'm in heaven, and this is perfect since if anyone comes in, I can sit down quickly. He sucks my **** for a few minutes and then I realize the drawback. My legs and back are getting rubbery and I can barely keep standing. When I come, I actually fall back in my seat and spurt 4 big squirts into the air and back of the chair. It was awesome. The dude turns around and says nothing so I just wait a few minutes to compose myself and then I pull up pants and get out of there. I wanted to suck him but it was not to be this time however I knew I'd be back.


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Nice story conusx and well written. Hope you share more of your experiences. :-)<br />
<br />
You and I should take KeepEmCumming with us to a theater that I like to frequent. We could take turns doing a 2on1 on the comfortable leather couches there while others watch. Giving and receiving oral in public places is awesome.

How often do you go? So how many have you sucked since then?