Adult Bookstore

One Friday night I was feeling really horny.  I dressed in pink panties, pink slip, garter belt and black thigh high stockings.  I had on silky black top and feel good pants and High heels.  I am not passable but love to dress.  I went into the store and watched some TV/TS action in the booth while showing my high heels and stockings.  I then went back to my truck and had a few beers that I had on ice.  This book store in Garden Grove, Ca has a large parking lot.  I guess the beers released my inhibitions so I changed into a long skirt that was slit all the way to my crotch.  At this time my **** was really straining againts my panties.  I re-entered the book store wearing my sexy slit skirt and as I was looking at the list of movies some man was behind me and started to feel up my ***.  This felt so good through my skirt and slip and panties I kind of backed into his hand asking for more.  I love having my *** carressed when I am wearing Panties and Slips.  At this time another guy kind of got in front of me and reached back and fondled me through my panties.  I had never done anything like this before so I was going crazy with intense feelings all over my body.  I then walked back to my truck and these two guys followed me.  One guy got on his knees and was feeling my stocking clad legs and kissing me all the way to my panty covered ****.  The other guy was behind me and I could feel his hard **** against my silken ***.  I think we were all in extasy heaven when a car came into the lot.  We split up to cool it and I got back in my truck.  This new guy approached my truck and he said he like the way I was dressed and if I like oral sex.  I said I don't know for sure and he said would you like to suck on this and he popped out of jeans the biggest **** I had ever seen.  It must have been 14" long and so big around I couldn't believe it.  I was like in a trance and grabbed that big **** and started sucking like I had done this forever when in fact it was the first time I had a **** in my mouth.  He was making noises like he was enjoying my first *******.  I was starting to feel like I was going to *** without even being touched.  Some other people drove in and out and I got out of my truck and put that huge **** in my panties and started to stroke it and we dry ****** each other while I was feeling him through my panties.  He started to make noises  and really pushing against me when he just said oh my god that feels good and he came inside my panties.  I felt this warmth gushing all over my **** and then I came all over his ****.  I had *** running all the way down my stockings and into my shoes.  I have been back to this book store many times but have never met up with this guy again.  I think of that lovely **** a lot of times.  I have fondled and played with some nice ***** but have never had one between my lips sice that day.  Perhaps if I could see something this large again I would taste the fruits of *** on my tongue.

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4 Responses Mar 11, 2010

What a great story!! I love going to the ABS! I've been to a couple in GG, but never really noticed any cruising. Might have to take a trip down there one day :-0**

What a great story!! I love going to the ABS! I've been to a couple in GG, but never really noticed any cruising. Might have to take a trip down there one day :-0**

Truly an interesting story!

That was so hot I sure hope I see you again! you should get ahold of me and we can go to hamburger marys some time.