First Time

I finally got the nerve and visited the local bathhouse here in Austin. OMG it was great wish I could have stayed longer. I checked in and got my room key then hurried to my room to ***** down. This is so thrilling. I got to the room ******** down grabbed my town and didn't even bother wrapping it around me. I wanted to be naked and be seen naked. Today is the Working Mans Special so there were a lot of older guys hanging around didn't bother me since I am starting to fall into that category these days. I went in to the bath area where the steam room and sauna was. walked into the steam room to relax a bit then thought to myself oh **** I want to check out the rest of the place. so I grab my towel loosely wrapped it around me and went exploring. Went down stairs where the movie room playing soft gay pron and the more expensive rooms are. There were not a whole lot of people around. I never figured out where everyone was because the parking lot was full. I figured they were in there rooms.

As I walked around this black lit area with neon paint splattered over the walls I found a room that had a few guys staring at something. In the middle of at the room was a sex swing and I thought to myself what fun that would be here. As I peeked on in I saw one guy standing behind the another rubbing his shoulders. I could just imagine what was about to take place. I wanted to stay and watch but since I was on a time table and wanted to check the place out further I decided to check out the movie room. I walked in and this must not be a favorite place because no one was there. I watched the TV for a few minutes and there wasn't anything exciting so I decided to head back up stairs and hit the sauna.

I walked in and it was empty, there was another room that was only lit from the outer room. I looked in didn't see anyone and decided to take a seat in the outer room. I climbed up on the upper bench opened my towel and started to relax. The dry heat was starting to feel good when a few older gentlemen walked in, they looked me over and went into the other room. I just sat there starting to let the heat soak into my body. Then a black guy walked in and sat next to me. He didn't open his towel but I could see from the corner of my eye he was stroking his ****. I just sat there thinking this is the coolest place. Next thing I know I am brought back to my senses because the guy reached over and started feeling my ***. I thanked him and told him I wasn't interested at this time. He got up and walked into the other section. I sat there for a little while longer letting the dry heat penetrated my body. A few more guys walked in and out. I don't know if they liked what they saw or if I looked out of place sitting there glistening in sweat but everyone gave me a look when they walked by. finally I decided it was time to go back to the steam room.

I grabbed my town and didn't bother wrapping myself with it and walked into the steam bath. there were two older men in there enjoying the steam. I again grabbed an upper bench sat my town to the side opened my legs and again started relaxing. I watched as men would open the door look in then walk away. Still trying to figure that out. A few more men joined us in the room. No one talking or touching anyone just sitting in the steam. I enjoyed the steam room immensely finally everyone got up and left leaving me alone. I just sat there enjoying the steam and started to rub my **** and balls just enjoying the heat and feeling. After awhile I looked at my watch and decide my time was just about up and needed to hit the showers. I walked out and walked over to the showers.

There are three shower heads in an area just a bit bigger then my shower at home. there was a guy just walking out when I walked up and offered me his shower head since it was already warm. I am standing there washing the sweat off and lathering up with body gel when a big black man walks up and ask if he can join. I told him please join me. He turned on one of the other shower heads and I jumped back because that water was cold. We both laughed. We are standing back to back soaking our bodies in the warm water and kept rubbing our ***** together. I am starting to like this. This is a first for me. I wouldn't shower when I was at school because I was so self conscious and here I am in a shower rubbing ***** with a big strange black man. All of a sudden he reaches around and grabs my **** and starts to stroke me. It startled me and I almost told him no thanks but then it stared feeling good so I turned so he could a better feel. He started stroking me soft making my **** grow under his touch then he started to really get after it and I was trembling at the knees with delight. I decide I would return the favor and reached around and grab his ****. OMG it was a monster, he was already half erect and I could barley wrap my hand around it. So there we are in an open shower stroking each other as others are walking around the wet area. By this time I was rock hard and enjoying the feel of this man stroking my ****. I was just hoping I was returning the favor well enough. As I stroked I would stop and rub the head of that monster just thinking that he is about the size of my rubber ***** at home and started thinking I would might like this beast in my ***. Suddenly someone walked out of the sauna and my friend stopped and turned towards me. Thinking its not going to happen I said thanks I enjoyed it and said I had to leave. I stepped out of the shower and started drying off. We watched each other and I again said thanks and told him he has a wonderful ****. He thanked me back and I walked back to my room with the town around my neck and a rock hard **** swinging in the air.

I enter my little room that has a light and a small twin bed. I start to dry off more using a already damp towel. So I decide to lie there a bit and air dry. I continue thinking about my new friend and start stroking my **** wishing he was there penetrating my *** with that beast. I am laying there stroking my **** and I stick a finger in my ***. finally I feel that urge to *** and decide to stop. I want to save myself in case I get lucky at home this weekend. I let the feeling subside and then start stroking on and off for a few. finally I decide its time to go so I get dress and walk back down to the front desk. As I am walking through all these older men stop and watch me. Still not sure what that's all about. Again maybe they see something they like. I return the key to the young black guy behind the desk who is flaming but nice enough. He say "Leaving already I didn't even get to see you naked". I told him yeah this was my first time and I was hear on my lunch break. I told him I would be back and would defiantly give him a look next time. He said that would be wonderful, told me to have a great day and weekend and come back soon. Then I left

Again this was the best thing I have experienced in a long long time. I think i will defiantly be back, next time I will make sure I can stay longer and check out the rest of the club with out the towel.
AustinButtMan AustinButtMan
41-45, M
Dec 11, 2012