Another Visit

OMG this last visit was the best ever. This had to be like my 6th visit and I get more daring each time I think. Normally all the guys walk around the place with their towels wrapped around them. On my last visit I thought this was silly so I left mine in the little room and headed for the sauna I walked past the shower and there was a guy in there sporting a nice **** ring. I thought cool and went back to my room and put on my 2" ball stretcher and went back out. Walked back to the shower area and there were not many people around so I went exploring. Walked down to the next level that has the gym equipment and the outside hot tub. There were a few guys outside so I decided to sit in the tub for a bit. A few more guys came out so I got out and sat on one of the chases soaking up some rays sporting nothing but the ball stretcher. I laid there for a bit until I dried off then got up and went down stairs to the black light area where they show the movies and have the swing. Watched a few guys in the swing area ******* each other then went to the movie room and sat there watching and stroking my ****. A few older guys stopped in and watched me but the left. I got a bit bored so I went back upstairs to the shower area and entered the steam room. There were a bunch of guys in there and one getting a nice *******. Guy sitting there with a young guy kneeling in front of him going to town. Both guys on either side kept reaching trying to help. I took seat near and watched starting to stroke getting hard hoping someone wanted to suck on me but never got any takers. Finally the guy blew his load down the young guys throat and left. I kept trying to get the young guy to blow me but he didn't seem interested. Finally the room emptied so I got up and straddled the steam jet letting the steam heat up my *** hole and ****. I sat the getting hard stroking my **** for a bit until I felt like *******. Finally I decided it was time to leave So I went back to my little room laid there on the bed legs spread wide door wide open and stroked my **** plaid with my *** for everyone to see until I came all over my chest. Got back up went to the shower and cleaned up, got dressed and left.

This visit I checked in went to my little room and ******** down and left to wander around again butt naked again. don't really see the need of the towel. I didn't have the stretcher this time so I was all natural. I did usual stops and sat in the hot tub again but not much happening this day. I finally ended up in the dry sauna. sitting there as guys came and went finally someone jumped up and sat next to me, after a minute or so he reaches over and starts to stroke me and I let him. then something came over me and I reached over and started stroking him. I love the feel of a **** getting hard in my hand. He then got up and knelt in front of me started blowing me. OMG it felt great. He went to town and was having trouble taking all of me but I kept forcing his head down. This was one of the best head jobs ever. Finally I had to stop him because I wasn't ready to blow my load yet. He stood up and I knelt in front of him and took his semi hard **** in my mouth. I was in heaven feeling it grow as I stroked it with my mouth. He kept growing and growing and next thing I know this guy is huge. So I started slow and worked that monster all the way down my throat until my nose was being tickled by his pubes. All I could think was DAMN ITS BEEN A LONG TIME. He grabbed the back of my head and started face ******* me right there. finally he pulled out because he was about to *** and he went back to town on me. We did this back and forth for awhile. Next thing I know another guy comes in and sits next to me and the guy I am sucking starts blowing him. after a few minutes the guy pulls out of my mouth and goes back to town on me. The guy next to me gets up turns towards me and sticks his big **** in my mouth. Now this is great I am sitting here getting blown by one guy and l am blowing another. from this point any time we switch I have a **** in my mouth. We go back and forth for what seems for ever. I am not wanting this to ended. I am sucking the guy next to me and I can feel him twitch knowing whats about to happen so I wrap my lip around the head of his **** and let him shoot his load in my mouth. It keeps ******* and *******. I let it all gather in my mouth and it runs down my chin. I role it around and around in my mouth savoring the taste when the other guy jumps up and sticks his **** back in my mouth and shoots his load as he is ******* my face. Now I am sitting there with *** from two guys in and flowing out of my mouth. I swallow what I can and try to lick the rest from my lips. I am just sitting there going I can't believe this just happened and I got this lucky. I stand up and straddle the guy next to me face and slide my **** down his throat. I am standing there ******* this guys face and it doesn't take long and I am sending load after load of *** down this guys throat. The hole time no one has said a single word. Just a lot of smacking, slurping and moaning. The other two leave the sauna before and I am sitting there sweating and enjoying the whole experience. I finally get up and walk over to the shower and rinse off go back to my room and dry off. I am still so horny I lay down and start stroking my **** and *** again before I get dress and leave.

Now is the sad part. A few weeks later I get home and my wife is there and she looks upset. I ask her whats wrong and she ask me if there is anything I need to tell her. I am thinking oh **** what has she figured out. She tells me that she and her gay friend had lunch and that his boy friend had seen me at this bath house. I had to lie my *** off informing her I had no idea what he was talking about and that I was not gay and did not even know a place like this existed. finally she believed me. I figured out it had to be the first or second time that I had been there that he seen me but because of it I can never trust going back... Damn women and there gay friends!!!LOL
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God dam that ******* that told your wife, does he think that he is perfect in every way. There has always got to be a ***** to shoot off his mouth and ruin it for the rest of us..


*** to California we have several I could take you to.

always wanted to go there...never brave enough...

Go to aci. In san antonio its even better then midtown

You should've ***- kissed them!