Fun Times

my partner and i are frequent visitors to a gay sauna. We both love the sexual thrill of being around up for it and like minded guys. Sex with strangers is just so horny. The sense of knowing that you will be given a good pounding and have oppotunity to **** other guys wirh no strings attached cant beat it for a night out
thegaychef thegaychef
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I love **** clubs. In London we have SOP where men can treat the whole place as one big urinal. I love stripping naked - being drenched by one or more at the same time - drinking **** - and giving blow jobs

Even now I have a glass of my own dripping which I am sipping

yes luv sop clubs..being dreenched in **** n drinking it...find it great to **** up a. guys *** b4 fuking him

yes size is impotant..9inch mysekf with. magic cross and jacods ladder piercing as well as tattoed tool shaft...guys cant get enough of it!

I go myself a few times a week, and being 9 inches, I have no shortage of takers. LOVE IT.