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I've been to Melrose spa Midtowne spa and 1350 club. Midtowne in Downtown LA is the best. It has a basement, first ,second,third floors as well as a roof floor to sunbathe. More space = more guys. Best on weekends or half priced days.
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Have u seen anyone during the day in woman cloths

I go to Melrose spa a lot. I wonder if we have ever gotten together?

I never been to a place like that it sounds hot!

sounds fun, what all did you do ?

I received oral sex from a guy at Malrose. At midtowne that's where I met the guy that looks like Tom cruise and where I had my first anal encounter. At 1350 I participated in an **** in a dark room with a huge bed while others stood watching and *******.

**** that is hot. I would love to meet up in a room at a club.

I would love an experience like yours at 1350. I've only been to Roman Holiday in Van Nuys, a little over ten years ago. It wasn't quite as fun or exciting as your visits to these other locations, lol.

You should visit sometime

It's exciting

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