Nobody's Been to Belize????

Anyway,  I went to Belize to do archaeological work back in... hmm.. it was a long time ago... I'm gonna say 1998 maybe?  Anyway, it was a real experience!  I think there were about 20 of us staying there doing the archaeological dig for Mayan artifacts, including  the people who ran the group.  At the place where we stayed, there was one main house for the group leaders and a dining area for all of us.  Our cook and cleaning lady was an Amish woman!  Did you know that some portions of Belize are filled with Amish people?  Strange, huh?  Anyway, her lemon squares were the best in the world, and I don't even like to eat!!!!!!

We bunked in little huts with 2 people in each one.  There was a little building that housed the bathroom and showers and whatnot. Out in back of the main building was a cabana where we could rest and hang out at the end of the day.  Drinks were beer and Fanta soda, and these both cost money, so  you had to write your name and tally down on a sheet each time you had one.  Water was free.

The digging at the various archaeological sites was wonderful but hard.  You're out in the sun and the heat all day long and you have to shovel into the hard ground.  That wasn't for me.  I tried it.  Too hard:)  So, I was put in charge of carrying buckets of dirt and possible treasure to the sifters about a quarter mile away.  Still hard work.  But at least I got to see all of the artifacts first, before anyone else.  I kinda liked that!  I only got to do this for ONE day because we were out there for so long, doing such hard work that I developed a REALLY bad sunburn and some kind of heat-related illness to boot.  Not fun at all.  I scared my roomate because I was talking in my sleep.  She went and got the group leader and he got the nurse who took temp and it was HIGH! The leader then ordered me to go home the next day:(  I was delirious at the time and in pain, so I just kinda said okay and went back to sleep.

I was supposed to stay on this archaeological trip for 2 weeks.  I ended up staying for 6 days:)  Most of this time was spent cleaning and cataloging artifacts.  I loved doing it!  I think I was the most excited person there.  Every time I cleaned off something and there was even a hint of a pattern or a picture on it, I would show one of the leaders because I just think these artifacts are beautiful.    They become even more beautiful when the group leaders all get together and put the pieces that we have found and cleaned together to make something like a pot or a beaded necklace or something totally beautiful. 

Okay, this was my trip to Belize. My next trip (It was decided upon yesterday) is going to be to Peru to see Macchu Picchu (sp?  my spelling seems a little off today...).

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Was this the MRP archeology trip at Blue Creek? I knew several who were on that trip, including Dr. Guderjan and Sandy who was the nurse who likely treated you. Would love to heart more about your experiences....

Oh, the burn! I got burned there too. I turned purple, ran a fever, and had crazy dreams while I was sleeping. That sun is brutal down there!<br />
<br />
The dig sounds way interesting, though.