Life At An English Boarding School

Because of where my parents were living at the time-- basically a retirement area in the south of Spain-- my options for school were very limited. There were so few kids my own age that the local English-language school simply didn't have anything to offer after age 15.

So, at age 15 I was sent to boarding school in England. My stepdad (who happens to be English) insisted it would "help the boy grow up, and make a man of him."

Frankly, those were-- and remain to this day-- the most nightmarish years of my life. I was immediately an "outsider," both because I was not English, and because I hadn't grown up with that particular system. The bullying and hazing was fairly intense, driving me to seek solitude as often as I could.

My most vivid memory dates to one cold winter morning. On that morning, I was the first to make it to the showers (which were in a separate building, across a courtyard), in my dorm of some 70-odd boys. I turned the corner... and found one of the junior boys who had hung himself with the belt from his Judo kit. He was a quiet, sensitive boy who'd had few friends... and I distinctly remember thinking that it could as well have been me.

In retrospect, I can't deny that the academics were excellent... I pretty much slept my way to a 3.9 GPA during my two first years of college in the US. The rest of it... I'd just as well forget.
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Sorry to hear about you having bad experience at your boarding school. I guess your parents didn't have any clue as to what kind of boarding school they sent you to. All they care was to help you grow without seeking first if such boarding school is appropriate for a boy like you. There are things that needs to look at to in choosing the right boarding school. Co-ed or single sex, curriculum, class size, extra-curricular activities, cost and accommodation and even reputation counts. These are the main points in finding the perfect boarding school that suits you.<br />
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I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience at your boarding school! My situation was quite the opposite. I was a miserable and probably clinically depressed "outsider" before I went to my boarding school, and the school turned out to be an amazing experience. Once again, very sorry you had to go through that.<br />
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