Georgia Falls *part 2*

The school is relatively small, extremely nice, and Christian-based. It is located basically out in the middle of bumfuck mountains, Tallulah Falls, Georgia. A beautiful quiet area far enough away from Atlanta. I ******* hate Atlanta and all of it's ****** drivers. The buildings are made of stone and are relatively new, all except for the two dorms (one guys and one girls) and the old student center which had recently been replaced and was no longer in use.. well, not by the school anyway. The old student center became the location of what was to this day, the best head I've ever gotten, and not just cause she was great at it, though she was great at it. Her name was, well, we'll call her Belle. She was a grade above me, a beautiful blonde hair (always pulled back in a ponytail) blue eyed Georgia born southern belle. She had teased and talked ruthless **** to me from the first time we layed eyes on each other, which I though meant that I for some reason rubbed her the wrong way, when in fact, it meant that up until that point the only thing wrong that I had done, or not done for that matter, was rub her in any way.. literally. (See my blog entry for the whole story) Anyway, it was not what I had expected it to be like at all.. I mean, I don't really know what I expected it to be like, truthfully I had no idea what was to come. I felt at home with my new friends in my neighbor state like I had never felt ever in my own state with the friends I had gone to school and grown up with from since before I could even remember. Unlike my friends in South Carolina, in my little conservative, fake smiles, family name, image and wealth trumps all town where all the boys wear silly looking golf shorts and buttown down long-sleeves rolled up with their sunglasses hanging down their chest from their South Carolina flagged sunglasses straps or whatever the **** their called and the girls where short short khaki shorts or tight *** jeans with South Carolina or Clemson t-shirts (or our highschool t-shirts) and everyone listens to Widespread-*******-panic and Phish and... Lynard Skynard... and **sighs** it's so ******* exhausting. While my family is among this circle and well known in it's town, I never really took to all of it like the rest of my family and everyone else I've known my whole life. I ******* hated cotillion.. all this black tails and white gloves, fox-trotting, seperate salad/dinner fork using bullshit. I have never owned a pair of golf shorts in my life, first of all. If I hear someone yell "FREE BIRD!" one more time I might ******* throw up at the very least, and my sense of style and everything else for that matter is far much more diverse. I wore Nirvana, Sublime, 311, Tool, Greenday and so forth, t-shirts.. when I wore t-shirts. Otherwise I mixed it up with whatever I had found at Hot Topic, Pac Sunwear or Dilliards that I had found that I thought was just the coolest **** ever. I wore pants only, and they were baggy as all ****, and at this point had gone from JNCO's to the extremely baggy and comfortable (designed better with ecstacy and acid using purposes in mind) rave pants. And of course... DC shoes, *******. All these new friends of mine were into the same **** that I was, that my friends at home had never even heard of. It was too good to be true. I have a very rare and unique name, now I have my first roommate who also has the same rare and unique name as I do. The girls are taking notice to me in an abundance that I had not been so much as used to at home, except for when I was involved in something or somewhere that I was around kids I hadn't grown up with. The girls I knew, happened to know me as well, and weren't as interested or impressed, let alone appreciating my unique self. I have narrowed down my two favorite girls, I thought, and made them both mine. This actually went down just fine being that they were both young, wild, bi-curious and both of them were into me. I have a hard time deciding between blondes and brunettes so I said "**** it" and went with one of each. Katlynn, we'll call the first one, has dirty blonde hair and is healthy looking. She's not pudgy, not in the slightest.. she's just not like, you know, skinny.. she's just right. She looks just ex-*******-actly like Topanga (Boy Meets World) with a crooked and adorable shy almost little grin and laugh. The other we'll call Brianna. She was more the pop-off-at-the-mouth, smartass, ****-talk-to-the-teacher type. I had basically found the two girls who each had 1/2 of my personality. These were my two favorite.. then while walking down the hall one day during classes, looking in the rooms as I passed, I got a glimpse of a gorgeous little dark olive skin toned, dark hair/dark eyed Italian beauty, Santiana.

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May 13, 2012