Bitter Sweet Memories

I went to an expensive catholic boarding school on top of a hill. It was a very big place with a mini stadium and a lot of sports facilities. It was like going for a sleep over everyday, we had SO much fun with each other and we played all kinds of pranks on both students and teachers. We shared rooms with different people, shared showers..sometimes showered at the same time because we didn't have time to wait for someone to finish lol
We had pillow fights almost every night and stayed up late most nights, we talked about boys a lot especially the hot ones Before a party we helped each other dress up and most times fought over who looked better in a certain outfit. We advised each other, most times bad advice because we were all around the same age. At meals times everyone had who they ate with and it was always a bad idea to sit at a table where u didn't belong (unwritten rule among students)  We carefully planed the next day so that we had fun and still mange to stay out of trouble because the school was very strict. We drove teachers crazy, sometimes we had them running in circles then sending security after us Walking around dorm half naked felt really good and almost everyone did it lol Jumping over school walls just to be out of bounds made me feel like i was flying even if there was a risk of breaking my legs or getting caught. Some teachers were really nice and we would be laughing with them in our rooms after classes were done. I hated the corporal punishments so much not to mention caning arghh! On birthdays we would randomly attack the person in class at anytime and pour on them as much water as possible, even if it was during lessons! We attended so many football matches and cheered our team in many funny ways luckily we always won. Everyone had a different personality which made it very interesting, it taught me how to tolerate difference. Boarding school was such an experience for me i learned a lot both academically and socially.   
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18-21, F
May 19, 2012