Worlds Largest Brat Fest

This takes place every year in Madison Wisconsin. It is a lot of fun. Lots of food, beer, and people. My kids had a good time this year. My 4 year old  went down the super slide. It was cool.  Nice weather too. about 72 degrees and sunny.

If you have never had a brat you are missing out on a Wisconsin tradition

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2 Responses May 27, 2007

We have a Chili Dog Veriation that has all the usual chili, cheese, grated cheese and grated serrano peppers on top sometimes a dollop of sour cream if the sERRANO'S ARE WAY FIREY. tIS DANGEROUS BUT DELICIOUS! OOPS CAPS HAHAHA

There's a Wurst Fest in New Braunfels TX that is fun to visit. About half way between San Antonio and Austin.