Nehi Grape Soda

NeHi Grape Soda and tightie whities.

I attended the same Church camp from 2nd grade all the way through high school, sometimes two weeks a year. Love this camp, very rustic, but still had the comfort's of home. One of our favorite pastimes was when they would open the Canteen. You had several choices the beginning of the week. Coke, Sprite, Grape NeHi and I think Orange I can't remember. What I do remember was that Grape NeHi was a grape dye.

As younger campers, we would see the camp counselor's steal the opposite sexes underwear, dye it and run it up the flag pole the night before. It was always a guess to see if it would be a boy or girl's underthings. As I got older and became a counselor myself. The fun began. We would lie and wait for the guys to leave their cabin and sneak in side to find something to steal. Knowing all the while they were doing the same at our cabin.

For a church camp we sure did play around a lot with each other's underwear. But it was harmless fun, and purple was better than pink.

Plus by the end of the week, Grape was basically the only thing we had left to drink anyways. So why not put to a practical use. I will always remember waking up and rushing to see if it panties, a bra, boxers or tightie whities flapping in the breeze.
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Would love to have gone to that camp!