Anxious To Be In Cap Dagde

I have no words to describe the anxiety I have now. Whenever I think of I will be in Cap D'agde in the next vacation I feel anxious. I look like a child waiting on Christmas Day to open presents. And I hope to receive that gift ... but that's another story.
I read a lot and even wrote on my website about Cap D'agde. But I've never been there, and so I think I know nothing about Cap.
You need to be there and feel the atmosphere to truly know about Cap D'agde.
It will be only a week ... but that week!
I am anxious ...
sinvenus sinvenus
1 Response May 16, 2012

Hi. My wife and I went to Cap D´agde last summer. We stayed at two different hotels during this week. Wow - what an experience. You can go to the beach at daytime and have fun - naked. Or, stay at the hotel beside the pool and have sex, and watch other couples have sex.........<br />
<br />
We are going to Cap this summer also :-)