Omg... It Was First and Only Time!!!

so in October, I got a ticket for not having a trolley ticket with me when I went on the trolley. But I had a month trolley pass, I just forgot it in my room. So the police man said that when I go to court in december, I can just show the judge the trolley pass.

So I went to court and I had to go with my mom, b/c I comitted this horrible felony when I was 17. I was oh so nervous and my heart was beating fast, but I remembered my therapist told me to do my relaxation excerises when I get nervous like that. It helped a lot. Sooo... my mom and I talked to the receptionist lady and I told her I would plead guilty with explanation. She said "you will have to speak up" That made me more nervous b/c I would have to explain myself in front of like 20 people to the judge about my trolley ticket and all. So I went in there and I was like the 2nd person up and oh gosh... I did it! I didn't freeze up or anything. I even spoke loud. Usually, I'm quiet like a mouse. So after I explained he said he would let me go with a warning. I was sooooooo happy and proud of myself. :D go me!!!

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ugh court is horribly nerve racking i understand the anxiety! it's good you had those tips from your doctor! congratulations on being brave and living thru court!

fancy having to go court over that.well done for speaking up x

Agreed! What doesnt kill us makes us stronger - and gives us another entertaining story for the grandkids!

thank you. :)<br />
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yeah, it was a very stupid reason to go to court. I think the police man that caught me was just trying to enforce laws, I guess. idk... whatever. It makes a good story to tell people, though. A funny experience... for experience project. :)

Go you! So brave! <br />
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What a silly thing to have to go to court about, Im glad you only got a warning.