Left work early to pick up the X for our child support court date. I knew he would end up mad but he doesn't have a car and it only made since to save gas and parking fees. We were fine, he was over the top though trying to hold my hand and asking for sex. (make me nuts when he does that crap).

It was short lived though as they called us into the office individually. Whatever they said to him made him come out cursing and I thought they'd be escorting him out. We waited a long time, almost two hours, before our turn came and then called us in. I was quiet but polite and used "yes sir/no sir" with the judge. I didn't dress too dressy but was appropriate in slacks and blouse. He had on a rebel yell shirt and jeans (classy for court huh).

Turns out I didn't speak much but boy did they **** him off. All questions about why he didn't have a job or how he paid me anything when he supposedly wasn't working. I didn't get as much as I thought I deserved but it was just more than double what I did get ($200/mth for three kids was the original). He was so mad he walked out before it all ended and didn't speak to me all the way home. He should have known eventually it would go up. Besides, they didn't even make him pay any past due so what's he whining about? GGRR!!

OH yeah, we go back in May and he has to either have a job or proof that he's been hunting for one. Tomorrow is going to be just dandy, I can see hell coming!

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i wish... but he tends to hold a grudge and plays dirty so this is only the beginning. Dug my hole now I get to lie in it

his parents own the house and he lives there with two sisters, one boy friend and four grandchildren... it runs in their blood

I'm sorry that you are having a hard time with all of this--he should be more willing to step up and do his part in taking care of your kids. I hope that things go well in the coming months and you get the payment that your kids deserve.

If a guy can help make a baby, he can damn sure help raise it.

he's already reported to his family because when i called they were quite mean on the phone... no one gets it and i'm the mean witch

you really have a time out of him hun!

it's gonna be hard but more money for me if he complies... we shall see

Sorry you are having to deal with this, Hon. Hugs.