Once, it was when I was still in grade school.  I can't even recollect which grade.  However, I recall exactly what had happened.

I was sitting in class and a girl in my classroom came up behind me.  I heard scissors and she laughed and said that she cut some of my hair.

I quickly got up, got some scissors and cut about a two inch section off of her hair.

It turned out, she was just pretending that she cut my hair, she didn't actually do so.

I remember her sobbing in the principles office.
I also remember having to spend some time after school, head down on my desk.

The second time, I was being a bit too helpful. This was in Junior High.  The fellow classmate was having trouble with math.  So, I flat out let him cheat off my paper.
The teacher caught us.  I remember her shock and disappointment, since I came off as looking like quite the good kid in class.

I had to stay after that day, did my extra homework.
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Jun 8, 2007