And Failed Out

I started FSU in summer of 1994 and by the end of fall term I had failed out with a .94 GPA. I didn't even know one could get below a 1.0! I then took 2 years off in Tallahassee to find myself. I got certified in scuba, personal training, aerobics instructor, child care provider and life guard. I also swam in extramurals for FSU and frequented the gym daily... even though I wasn't a student.

After the 2 years I went back to school (St Thomas University) for business and finished the last 2 years in a year and a week with a 3.39 GPA. I guess it was time to finish!

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

You are VERY WELCOME! *hugs*

It may not mean so much, but thanks for sharing the story