Writing Memoir

I recently took a business trip to Old Bridge and visited Virgil I Grissom Elementary School. It's not very much different from when I attended in the early to mid 1970s. The memories came flooding back and I was surprised at how I felt. Now I'm writing a memoir and hoping to find folks who went to school with me. If you went to Grissom, please tell me about it.


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1 Response Sep 28, 2006

I have 2 unusual resources you might try to find these friends. Two magazines that deal with time periods you're looking for. REMINISE MAGAZINE---Adress: Subscription Center, P.O. box5282, Harlan IA 51593-4782. GOOD OLD DAYS MAGAZINE---Adress: Customer Service P.O. Box 9001, Big Sandy TX, 75755. Or call:1-800-829-5865.Or e-mail: www.GoodOldDaysMagazine.com. Both mags have several want ads of people looking for other people or ob<x>jects from earlier yrs. The only draw back is the communication is done by postal mail, and REMINISCE is a bi-monthly magazine, so correspondence may take longer. But check it out! You might find someone there is looking for you TOO!!