I'm Pathetic When I'm Naked.

i'm about to enter harvard this next year and am scared shitless. i hope i get my act together before i go.

i'm pathetic when i'm naked.
aloneandintimidating aloneandintimidating 16-18, F 4 Responses Aug 13, 2007

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First, Congratulations! getting into Harvard is a big deal. You should be proud of yourself .

Secondly, thinking about When are most likely to be naked may help.

Either, one, you will be alone- and it won't matter. Or, two, if you are not alone, then be in love and it and won't matter then either 😊.

So head high, shoulders back! If you are going to Harvard it is unlikely you will ever have to be naked professionally!

Another big plus , Last time I checked , Harvard doesn't hold a swimsuit competition at graduation!
Good luck !

Primal scream?

ya i'm not sure i understand the naked part..........

As long as you don't plan on attending class naked... you should be fine! ;)