I Went Last Night

In the evening. They told me I was in the wrong place but I persuaded them to see me. The doc took one look at me and said He was going to refer me to go to another department for surgery. I will need to be put under a General Anaesthetic for this so there is some risk in it.

Better than getting blood-poisoning though, that's where i was headed, and that stuff kills you quicker than you can run for help.

I will write-up details of when I will be away, as soon as I find out the date they want me.

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12 Responses Feb 20, 2009

A red line?

Awww! :) ty

LOL sorry.<br />
Sending happy thoughts, rays of sunshine, lollipops and flowers your way :) Along with those bees, birds and butterflies.<br />
That better? ;)

ok, Ok, OK!<br />
Less of the 'kill' please! I'm going to be fine. I believe in a bright and lovely future. Bees and birds and butterflies. I'm going to be perfectly ok. OK?<br />
Thankyou for being so sweet! :)

Well, I just hope they get it sorted quickly. Sepsis, if it doesnt kill you, can be a real SOB. Lots of hospital time. Not nice.<br />
Will be thinking of you :)

Thankyou<BR>Have i still not left a comment? Oh dear, it's this connection, it goes wrong so much, I end-up losing threads all the time. It can take me all morning to write one comment!<BR>I don't know when i can go back yet.<BR>They have to tell me, and I have to wait.

yeah.. that sucks... and it's not a funny thing.. *crossing fingers* good luck with all!

Yeah septicemia or something, that's what i get if too much [puss] gets into my bloodstream at once. Ok not nice image.<br />
next subject.....<br />
Plums in Custard. :((

hmmm.. blood poisoning? like sepsis? god! hope you will be ok man!

Oh hello. Erm, not to make it too specific here, sorry!!

What happened?

Do you think you will be ok? :(