Managed this personal goal of mine about 3 weeks ago; a week before the volcano exploded again and shut down western Europe. I think I might've made the volcano angry :) As part of the trip I got to see the volcano, as well as several waterfalls, hot springs, beaches, craters, glaciers, ice caps, Reykjavik and also was given a tour of this folk museum by the owner, who was slightly nuts. But in a good way of course.  Iceland is a wonderful country for sightseeing - but you need to remember your waterproofs! My group and I were at a waterfall and there were these steps up to the top of the hill the waterfall was cascading down. Myself and three others didn't want to walk the exa 100 yards to the 'official' start of the steps, so cut across the grass, and had to jump over a puddle. Guess who didn't make it over? Yup, it wan't a shallow puddle either, went in to my knee - whoops is all you can say in such situations.

Also, when we went to the top of an ice cap, there was this mini hill right at the top that couldn't resist pretending to be penguins on. I think the tour guides were impressed with us :P

Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 30, 2010

Lucky you! It sounds like you and your mate had a lot of fun during your holiday :)...I don't travel much and have never been abroad before, but Iceland is one country I'd love to visit one day.