Really **** Up

i dunno wot t do like i am in real ****. i got pulled for the cops for fightin n gotta go court next week n today me gf told me i knocked her up !
i may get 12 mths juvi so i be inside when the baby born n her folks aint gonna be to happy like coz she only 15
i dunno wot t do like shld i fess up n tell her folks before i go t juvi n stuff?
is there anyway i can get shorter sentence ?
i do luv her n wanna b with her n the baby i just a **** kid i guess 
krisboy krisboy
13-15, M
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

That would be the "manliest" thing to do, in my opinion at least. Especially with a baby coming you are going to want to prove to them that you can take up on your responsibilities.