I used to think these shows were degrading and gross. What a difference time makes. With the suggestion of a friend, and as an escape for some sexual release, I saw my first all male ***** show. Best money I have spent in awhile and I don't feel guilty at all. Is this wrong??
temptedintucson temptedintucson
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My wife never would go to male ***** shows either but finally did when a friend of hers had a birthday party and they went to watch male strippers. She really had fun and has gone several times since. Never feel guilty about ANYTHING you do!!!

From the point of view of the general society, yes it's wrong coz the society doesn't care for your happiness and only cares for certain norms they have laid down and expects you to follow them. So if you care for the society then it's wrong.

But if you care for yourself and how it impacts your life overall and how it helps you improve your life in general, then it's not wrong.

who defines right or wrong? no one.. It's just a feeling..

You enjoyed it and that's what matters. Isn't it ?

True, and that is what matters!

I don't think so I've done a shower twice :$