Bored At Necc, Bro.

Yesterday and today I went to this convention downtown called NECC - National Educational Computing Conference. It was through Digital Media, and we were helping out with podcasts and hands-on stuff and whatnot.

It was actually sorta boring most of the time, because it usually just involved listening to hour-long presentations on headphones while they were being recorded. Of course, the boredom factor depended on the topic. Everything was basically about the integration of technology and education, so it was mainly for teachers (with 12,000 in attendance). The first presentation I saw was this guy talking about open-source software and Linux. Open-source software, for those who don’t know, is software that is written by non-commercial developers, so the software is free. If you are even a little tech-savvy, chances are you use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Mozilla’s Firefox is just one example of open-source software. You’ll notice that these programs are often better than the commercial products.

So the presenter was talking about all these other open-source programs that are alternatives to the regular commerical programs. One example was GIMP, a program meant to be like Photoshop, but for free. So yesterday I tried the program out, and I have to say, it’s pretty on-par with Photoshop as far as usefulness. So if anyone wants a legal image processing program, check that out. It’s also a tiny download, something like 20 megabytes.

Other than that, the other presentations were mostly very boring. Today, during one of them, about half the auditorium walked out on this lady because she was babbling about nothing. It was funny.

I’m impressed with downtown though. I haven’t seen a lot of it lately, and it’s amazing how new everything looks. New, modern-looking condos and offices, with tons more being built right now. It’s really cool down there now.

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