Craw Fish and Jambalya

1066 miles. 16 hours. 2 packs of cigarettes. And countless Red Bulls later me and my Dad arrived in New Orleans. The ride down was very uneventful. Just lots of interstate between WI and LA. I did think the arch in St. Louis was beautiful. We drove through the city at 12:30 am and the arch was lit up. I didn't imagine that it would be a silvery chrome color.(Have to get back to that city again)

Once we reached New Orleans we were both very tired. I took a 4 hour nap. Not long enough but it was getting late. 8:00pm and it was a Saturday night. So... out me and my brother went. We picked up one of his friends and we headed to Bourbon St. What an experience! I had such a good time on that first night. We drank. We danced. It was awesome.

I spent 5 days there with my dad. We walked through the French Quarter and were able to walk through a $3,000,000.00 home right on Bourbon St. (My brothers roommate is a contractor and the owners were out of time so he let us peak around. It was gorgeous. They are restoring it to original form of the 1700's.)

One recommendation if you go to Bourbon St. get a hand grenade! They have a very high alcohol proof but are not strong tasting at all. Very yummy.

We toured one of the famous cemeteries. The mausoleums were very fascinating. My brother also gave us a tour of the devastation of hurricane Katrina. Blue tarps are visible from the interstate marking the houses that still have not been restored.  And FEMA trailers are everywhere.

I didn't try crawfish. My Dad liked them. I became addicted to jambalaya. I ate it 4 times while I was in the state.

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alright Sweety, I have to ask, while you were on Bourbon Street, with your hand grenade (which I LOVE) did you "earn" your beads???

Sounds like a great time.