Would Sell My Soul.

I've wanted to go to New Zealand for 4 years now. Its been my inspiration to get good grades so I could get a schlorship to a college so I could study abroad. The dream has changed my personality, I started hanging out with more serious, mature kids so I wouldn't **** my chances up of getting there. I've changed my lifestyle for a dream

I love everything about New Zealand. I like how they are so into their heritage. Coming from Britian rule and taking care of their natives, unlike us ******* over the indians. I also like how in touch they are with nature.  And LOVE the idea of zorbing! haha

frecklestylepolka frecklestylepolka
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 16, 2007

Well, I am glad that you are living your dream and enjoying things there. So, which island are you on? I was living in Auckland for about 30 years until I came to South Korea.. Enjoy and all the best..

Haha the Zorb is in my city... it is awesome (although hella expensive!) Feel free to drop me a line if you want to chat :)

With that sort of dedication, I've no doubt you'll make it to NZ, whether or not it's by the path you have planned at the moment! Also, it's inspiring to hear how you've responded to your dream - and it sounds like the sort of thing that will shape your character into the sort character that people widely admire, as well.