I Really Wish There Were More Stories In This Group!

Oh how wonderful is it to find a tree to hide behind and empty your bladder. Whether you are male or female. Sitting or squatting. Knowing that you are water the tree with your own bodily fluids out in the fresh air as nature intended is amazing.

I have often doe this whilst hiking with the kids or just in my old back yard for fun.

Once while hiking with the kids the girl had to pee. I ended up helping her do her thing ( which I will not describe- sorry ) and this made me realize I had to pee as well. So I asked the kiddos to stay put where they were and I ducked behind a larger tree and pulled my jeans down to my knees. I squatted facing the tree. Placing my hand on the trunk for balance since I was on a bit of a slope. the hand not doing the balancing spread my labia so that the pee would arc out and hit the trunk of the tree. I could not see it but I could hear it as it came forcefully out of my body and splashed against the tree. I could not help but sigh with pleasure and relief. Once I had finished up I gave my **** a little rub and then pulled up my pants to rejoin the kiddos and head home. Once home and having the kiddos settled with a TV show and a snack I went to my room to find more relief under the covers in an amazing ******.
desperatemama desperatemama
26-30, F
Jan 5, 2013