Never Going Back

We travel a lot on our quest to see all the national parks and historic sites.  Philadelphia by far was the worst experience EVER in our travels.  The traffic was unreal.  We got lost in the city, coming out of the city, and in the farm roads of PA.  My husband made me drive at some point and then I had to pull over so I could have a complete psychotic laughing fit where it turns into tears.  The Edgar Allen Poe historic site employee told us the stories of her many muggings on the way from her car to the front door of the site.  That helped us to completely relax while we browsed. Not. My sister-in-law had a complete mental breakdown at the thought of having to take off her shoes and belt in order to get in to see the liberty bell.  My brother felt this was the perfect time to tell her how incredibly annoyed he gets with her Neurotic Tendencies.  I didn't quite agree on the timing so much. There were some really cool things and we did enjoy it, but mostly once we left that damn city.  If I ever go back I won't drive anywhere.  We saw Gettysburg, Harper's ferry, and Valley Forge that trip.  Much more enjoyable than Philadelphia.

Our trips are normally not this crazy.  This one turned into something out of a comedy script.

Krypton Krypton
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1 Response Jan 8, 2009

Where did you go while you were in Philly?