Pizza. Friends. Monopoly. Not In That Order.

Yesterday, Casey got a call from our some of our friends, the ****'s. The ****'s had recently moved over four hours away and they were in town for the weekend. They were calling us and the Richards' to see if we wanted to try the new pizza place. Of course the topic this is under gives away our decision, but the night was memorable in-spite of it's predictability.

Casey and I arrived 20 minutes late because of minor communication issues. Of course the other couples were placing bets on when we'd arrive... (I am frequently late). We sat down and got "caught up". Mrs. Richards was texting one of our other friends, Mrs. Grimm. The Grimm's live over a few hours away now also and had taken a trip to a bigger city about half-way between where they live and where we live... and didn't bother coming the rest of the way down to have pizza with us. It was okay with everyone but we had to give them a hard time. Thus there was various texting throughout the evening. The waitress was this nice older lady, by older I mean she could be in her late thirties (you see we are all in our very early twenties).

We decided to order three large pizzas for variety. The cook baked the pizza right in this amazing oven that had a little hole in a wall, leading to an iron platform, with fire all around it. It was neat! Everyone ate and had fun.

Afterward we decided to go to my house to play Monopoly. We actually played a whole game of Monopoly all the way through. Mr. **** was the first to go out, then myself, then Mrs. **** or Casey and it was down to the Richards to see who would win. Mr. Richards won. I think she let him win.

I have to admit it's hard to stay interested in a game of Monopoly when it's over for you. It's also hard to be the only unmarried couple in a group of four couples. Because Casey and I aren't married I use our first names... for now.

The End.
cjdhern cjdhern
18-21, F
Nov 25, 2006