Nothing Special

three exact words to describe my senior prom night--- "not so special". it's just this oh-so-exciting-cant-sleep-at-night feeling days before prom night to which my expectations were so high that it'll be memorable, fun, that made me feel more disappointed because nothing really special happened.


i spent that whole day at the parlor, and days checking my dress out. btw, it was a simple white cocktail dress which my mom borrowed. i think it's cute, simple yet elegant. well, the prom started out great.  before the program, we had dozens of pictures taken. then i witnessed a few cheesy moments- some of the guys were waiting at the lobby, carrying elegant boquets. the girls to recieve those are lucky, i bet they'll feel special. then a sad question came to me, am i special? so going on, there was the cotillion and the nomination of the prom queen and king. (too bad i didnt got nominated. LOL) the food was superb. i got so full that i thought that my gown would pop.


  it all started when dim lights covered the whole room and the dj started playing mellow music.  it even made me feel worse  because i was surrounded by couples.i was damn jealous to the girls who were wearing guy's coats (because it was so cold) and carrying boquets which they recieved from that guy. the mellow music made me feel sick to realize that was just sitting at the table, waiting for someone to ask me to dance. then my friend asked me to dance this guy, who from the past few years, gave me gifts and everything every christmas ad valentines. yet he was completely invisible. we never talked during school days as if he was shy or something. he's not goodlooking nor smart. i really dont like him.  and so we danced. and it was BORING. oh so boring. it was the most boring 10 minutes of my life.  we danced like ten minutes without talking to each other. it was such a shame for the record that he was my first dance that night. 10 minutes later he asked me if i want to sit.  i thought "YES!!! what a relief.." then my guy friends started dancing me, and it was fun, atleast i know i have great friends. then the dj turned the disco music on and we partied like animals, but few songs later, we got so tired because our feet hurt. (what can you expect from 3inches heels?) then the mellow music was played again and i danced with my friends as a group and gave each other group hugs on the dance floor. that night, i consider that moment as the sweetest thing that ever happened. few guys danced me again, then here comes this scenario again:

the last song was played, which means, it's the chance to have the last dance with someone special. my friend danced with me a little then i heard "mr. boring" shouting to my friend that he wants to dance with me again. the music was loud so i pretended that i didnt hear him. omg i thought i was being punished if i he would be my first and last dance of the night. it would be mean if i would reject him if he will ask me. so my friend who i was currently dancing with led me to my table, then at the back of my eye, i saw mr boring coming near. i pretended that i didnt saw him and grabbed my camera and brisk walked to the restroom. i thought if i'll wait for the last song to stop in the rest room because nobody would even bother to have the last dance with me. then i realized i was being stupid and emo. i ran back to the dance floor with my camera and started taking pictures of the couples. some are kissing, while some shared embraces. then i felt i was melting again, i just hope that this last song would end fast. suddenly, mr boring was at sight again, then he was coming nearer. i panicked and pretended again that i didnt saw him. with a split second, this friend of mine asked me to dance. to my relief, mr boring backed off and stared at us. then the last song stopped and the lights  were turned on. i just dont know how to thank my friend for saving me. LOL. i just gave him a high five and said, "thanks for the last dance."

and for the record, my last dance was with a gay.

so, there it goes. it's not romantic. it's not that fun. it's not memorable. it's boring. and i spent my last prom night as a highschool student running away from this creepy guy. i felt guilty  and mean. still, it's a lot of action and suspense. LOL

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Thanks for telling us your story!

things like what?? :D

Thanks for sharing. It brought back memories from many, many years ago on my prom night. Some things never change.