Rehab Sucks...

I have been a drug addict for the last 5 years. Most of my early twenties has been spent in a variety of treatment centers and hospitals. For the first time in years I am sober, and it has nothing to do with their "god" or AA or any other crap they're shoving down addicts' throats these days. The harsh truth is that, rehab or not, 75% of us will not make it. Every single time I left rehab I have used...the urge was just too strong. Taking away a person's connection to everyone and everything they love, while attempting to get them to have faith in things some don't even believe in, will not cure the kinds of sickness we as addicts are facing.
For me, the causes of my drug abuse are severe clinical depression. Controlling that problem has made the addiction easier to cope with.
Unfortunately the counselors at most treatment centers aren't qualified to diagnose and/or treat the underlying problems that so often exist.
Nobody will listen when an addict says there's something else wrong.
Somebody needs to, because treatment these days does nothing but offer the people who love us false hope.
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

I hear you and have been saying the same thing for years. All they offer is let go and let god.
What if there is no god? What if you would rather be responsible your own actions?

Like many, i have never felt that I fit in.