Oh My Good God Is Rome Amazing!

I went to Rome, best three days of my life. The sights were breath taking. And the best part about Rome for me in particular is that their are fountains everywhere, and in Rome all the fountain are clean fresh water. I know because the tour guide told me. So seeing as I was a very frugal adventurer I filled my water bottle up at every fountain we passed and didn't buy water the entire time I was in Rome. I saw the coliseum which was amazing and overrated at the same time :P the Roman forum was literally just a field with some old crumbling pillars and stuff. But they are actually still excavating it so we got a peak of what the building under your feet look like, we learned about the vestigial virgins and how there is a unknown number of them buried alive. I loved the shops in Rome. I love the Spanish steps :D I actually speak Spanish and while I was at the Spanish steps I introduced myself to a tour group from Spain and they were so nice. My friend Grace asked me to buy her a Prada bag from this guy selling them in a Alley and seeing I'm a good friend I got it for her for $20! The constant bustle of the city was amazing to. I ate so much gelato! It really is better than ice cream haha. Also while in Rome I had to visit the Parthenon. That building was cool but apparently we were sitting in ruins after we got out of there and a grumpy guard made us leave. We saw the Vatican, which could probably have been more awesome but our ******* tour guide for the Vatican couldn't speak English to save his life....... I learned that in some places in three world you actually have to pay for the bathroom, but seeing I'm a frugal adventurer I would hold it between meals when I could use the restaurant bathroom, or I would simply walk in a restaurant and ask if I could please use their bathroom :) apparently polite Americans confused them. While in Rome or teacher forced the douche bags to stop saying YOLO. Which was a humorous touch lol we could only say "when in Rome" I lived Rome but this story is a jumbled mess. If you want to chat about it more, message me. :) have a great day and thanks for reading my story.
TheMNDreamer2013 TheMNDreamer2013
18-21, M
Jan 24, 2013