Rocked Out Like a Good Un'

I went to see the sexy boys in Manchester last night 24th March!!!

I had such a great time well once i finally got there! very long story!!

But my god they were amazing! I kept pinching myself to believe i was stood there in front of the gods themselves!!!

I have every album n single n thought they were amazing on there but when you have the privilege to see them live! my god! it rocks your socks off!!!

They play with every bit of energy they have n make sure its the best show ever every time!!
N the way Gerard sings is wonderful he puts so much energy and beauty into his voice so when you listen to him sing the words you really believe he feels it!

He also made the audience feel wanted and made us a part of the show!!! (even tho him loving us is him swearing us! but that rocks more than fake sentiments!!!)
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Mar 25, 2007