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We had the free tickets for the preseason game so why not go. As we headed that way we made a Mickey D's stop to fill the kids and it seemed EVERYONE had on their Yankee shirts. My son walked around with a glove on and even tried to eat with it.

As we approached the location I looked into the packet where the free tickets were and had two parking passes. I'd already been told that it included one and assumed we'd be parking in general admission area and hiking it a bit. As I read the backs I realized that one was for the VIP parking area and we were actually parked about two rows from the actual stadium which was perfect with little ones.

The seats were PERFECT too! About three rows up from the dugout so my son got to visit a few of the players and get his ball autographed. The people in that section were long time seat owners and when I walked up with my company shirt on they were very friendly and glad to yap. It was so much fun and the kids really got into it. We were passing around drinks (only water for us) and sharing peanuts and sunscreen (ya know this mom had it).

OMG one of the best things was the baby... okay she's two now but she cracked up the entire area. Someone would yell something like "just hit the ball" and this tiny little two year old in polka dots would yell "hit the ball" sending everyone into laughter. They kept it clean, thank goodness, but she yelled, clapped and jumped around with the rest of them. My son only wanted to sit and watch and learn although he did ask if he could play... one day darlin'. :)

All in all it was a nice day, kinda hot and in the 80's but nice. The only issue was that I missed putting sunscreen on my face and neck and some how, my right hand. *giggles* The guy behind me leaned in and said my children were a lovely olive skin and then said I was freckled like him and offered his lotion as added protection that's when I pulled out the spray SPF 70! Too funny! At least everyone was looking out for one another.

Hope we get to do it again very soon!

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I am on my waaaaaaay!

debating on visiting the beach today... Ivotedforpedro found us a deal that we might consider for next weekend, nice suite on the beach! Come on down Red and join the fun!

LOl I am jealous i want sun!!!! Wah wah

Just walked by the mirror and OMG my face is Bright Pink! Too funny! Where the heck did all these tan babies come from?

My favorite ball team