What Happens In Vegas...

IT started somewhat innocently. I got to Vegas a couple of days early for a convention. Some friends were in town for something the previous week. We played golf and had dinner. They took off the next morning and I had a day + to kill. Around noon I found a lingerie shop and thought I'd have a look around. i love touching lingerie. After a few minutes I was the only customer so I thought I'd have some fun with the sales girl and took a babydoll nightie up to her and asked what size I would wear. She didn't even flinch. The next thing I know she's leading me around the store pulling things off the rack and then says "You can try them on." i almost came right there.

I tried on 8 or 9 outfits, letting her give opinions on each one.

Eventually i figured I had to buy something. So I settled on the one item that gave me a feminine feeling. A bustier and ruffle panty set. bLack with pink accents. i had her cut the tags off so I could "wear it home."

I had on cargo shorts and a short sleeve shirt with the outfit underneath and my jockey's in my pocket.

Next stop - Olympic Gardens. After paying the cover there were a line of girls waiting. The first gave me a hug - I was sure she'd know...she didn't say anything and was kind of not what I was looking for. i settled on an attractive blonde - maybe 30 with a great rack. She took me to a semi-private booth. We chatted as the current song ended. She stroked my chest and said - You're wearing a bra. i unbuttoned my shirt and showed her and she said "and a pretty one." What followed was the lap dance of my life. When she stroked me with her leg I tried to push her off but she was determined to make me *** in my panties and I did.
LIngerieLoverJIm LIngerieLoverJIm
36-40, M
Sep 10, 2012