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Here Lies a Forgotten Tranquility

I LOVE walking through cemeteries. I used to visit a lot of them with an old friend. We would have amazing conversations about anything including deep spirituality. In addition to this, we would look for oldest tombstones read them and analyze the styles used to see if we can learn something about the time period and area that the owner of the tombstone lived in and their life. There is so much information in a cemetery. Also, cemeteries inspire my creative glands. I LOVE taking photography in a cemetery. I think I am over due for a visit. This time I'll go alone.


Azoru Azoru 26-30 1 Response Mar 30, 2009

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Wow, that just brought back a lot of good memories. <br><br />
I remember at the time when I was 18. There's me, couple of girls and a few guys... we were very bored and wanting to do something fun... that day was Friday the 13th and it was already passed Midnight! I knew this day would be perfect for all of us to go and hang out by the cemetery and so we did. We all just sat on the bench and talked about real scary stories that we know of. Oh, and three of my homgirls are sisters and their grandmother just happened to be buried in this very cemetery, and so we visited her cemetery and prayed. This day was an awesome experience for everyone, everything was so spiritual and there was no other perfect day to do something like this. <br><br />
The best Friday the 13 day ever!