Doc Wanted To Push Pill And I Said Fuckyou

About a year and a half ago I found out my Medicade would purchase 180 diapers a month. Not only that but most other Insurance companies will purchase diapers all you need is a perscription from a doctor. Well I sent to my new doctor and asked her to prescribe the diapers. She wanted to try to cintrol my incontinence with drugs. I told her I would try one but they. didn't work for my nephew. I tried flowmax I think. Anyways about a hour into It my heart was beating fast and hard I was itching all over and had sever headaches dizzyness and some othersymtems. So I for another appointment a coupledays later and she still wanted to push other meds. I told her no more pills the last one felt like it was going to kill me. She still insisted I take meds. I said no(but in my mind I was saying fuckyou). So I left and sent to a nursepratictioner that I use to see. And told her I had problems as a kid and was poked and proded and have had few but frequent accidents as an adult. And a lot of accidents lately. And I had a doc prescribe flomax and had sever sideeffects and was not intrested in any further drug treatment and named the doc that would not prescribe the diapers. And told the nurse I was content in the diapers. And thank God she prescribed the diapers . Needless to so I quite seeing the doctor. Why can't doctors see meds aren't always best.
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Yep Lucky Sucker that your Doctor gave you a Prescription for your Free Diapers!!
No (F) Diaper Buddy!!