I Don't Know What to Say, the Doctor Said.

March 9th was here...My 3 months were up, as the doctor had put it..but here I was.

"I don't know what to tell you, you could be, you should be, but your are not"

Dead that is...."You could be gone, you should be gone, you would think, you would be gone. But here we sit, and it is hard to believe.

So what does this mean?  I should be dead?  Hummmmmmmmm... I don't think so. I am not done living yet, I have some unseen, unknown reason that God wants me here instead of there.

That is fine with me, I love smelling the clear air, holding on to love ones, laughing, dancing, but mostly appreciating everyday things.  The things that mean the most...  Blue birds are starting to make their nests in the bird houses, you can hear it...

Ready to go, no, sorry, not me...the doc says........"See you in 3 months", and that is fine with me.

Debijean Debijean
56-60, F
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Thank you for write that. It made me feel good that you are here so i can listen to what you have to say.<br />
hang in there.<br />
And thank you again for write it .<br />
<br />

I had commented on your last story, about the Family Meeting, and I had said that we would all be praying for you...<br />
I hope so much that you continue to do well; you seem to have such a strong spirit! You're a fighter, and fighters break through the odds, you know...<br />
Keep it up!

PIP, I feel you right here with me....and crying "Happy tears" with you.

Ahhhhh my wonderful Debijean, as you know i love your stories, ......can you feel my hands on yours?...cuz that's where they are!<br />
<br />

THey are BIGGER than our state flag! Oh but you know you're a true floridian when you can reach out and catch them and SLAM them to the counter!

That is toooooo funny...Cool state bird, ours is the trasher, orangish/yellow beak bird.... not cute like those blue birds. Now tell me, are they on your state flag???lol

Ivoteforpedro and I only get to see our state bird here... the mosquito! <br />
<br />
I'm glad you hung around too... here's to the next 100 years darlin'! (okay maybe 99)

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, they all mean so much to me.<br />
Now, bluebirds, they are little tiny birds, like wrens, but blue and alittle white...they are always flying around in a Disney Classic Movie....Snow White, ect...but to see them in flight and making their nests, not knowing what tomorrow holds but yet never slows down when the wind is blowing in their face, and a small branch or twig in their mouth. They have a reason...and they are fullfilling it, not worried and losing their joy of building, but working right through the wind, no one can take their joy, not even the old north wind.

I knew I loved blubirds but never why .. maybe I do know why now :)

Accidentally pressed sympathetic when I meant to press Inspired ... Although I've been through an enormous round of matter-of-fact MDs, so I can sympathize with those appointments that have to be kept so darn regularly ...<br />
Your story touched me and, yes, Inspired me - your words and your outlook are beautiful.

Aw..that was lovely. I'm glad to have read this story. You've brightened our day. I love the spring too..just as you described it. Cool, crisp with a hope for more, to come and to be loved.

I know, why do these doctors presume to know exactly how much time someone has left? God complex, anyone? <br />
<br />
Debijean, I am so happy for you that you proved them wrong. I agree with Myo...I believe that your attitude and your faith are both major factors in why this is so. May it continue for a good long while!

I think it's your attitude and God's grace that have proven your doctor wrong. There is no time stamp on you. Only God knows when that is. Thanks for keeping us informed with such good news!

A friend of mine was given the last rites 25 years ago he was 70 last month we had a great night out

What a great story. I am so glad that you are on this earth!<br />
You have a lot of living to do and I hope that you live to be a hundred.<br />
Sending you tons of good wishes.

What a great story. I am so glad that you are on this earth!<br />
You have a lot of living to do and I hope that you live to be a hundred.<br />
Sending you tons of good wishes.