Scrimmage Actually

Yesterday was my sons first game on his new football team. He played last winter with the same coach as baseball and loved it so when that same coach asked us to join this league we said sure. Our problem has been that that particular coach is only an assistant and not there often so a whole new group of dads are running the show. My son does best when he's with familiar faces so this concerned me going forward but I figured we'd tackle each issue as it came up. Then a few weeks ago I went to a party where his coach was attending and we had the talk. I let him know that although my son doesn't walk around with an Autism t-shirt on it is a part of our lives. I also mentioned that if he had any problems to find me and I'd handled it ASAP.

So what happened... well turns out this coach has FOUR assistants that are all very aggressive and competitive and like to yell. My son doesn't hear yelling, no point in it because he is unphased but let me tell you how much it ****** me off. (wow am I off track tonight). Skipping to the punch line, my son hasn't been doing great in practices and complains that he doesn't want to go. These guys see this and assume he isn't good at it so why bother.

Yeah proved them wrong!

Yesterdays game went so good they used him on offense and defense! He was fast, he paid attention, he got hurt but didn't cry, just got up and kept going. They were all yelling his name but for a good reason and I believe he earned some respect! Practice is tomorrow and I'm guessing he'll find things more on his side.

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He went tonight for a TWO hour practice in that heat and had fun with it. He still chases butterflies but I explained to them some of the issues and that's all I can do. He'd keep an eye on the ball if they would keep his attention... not good with down time. :)