An Evening With Dead People....

For those of you who watch WE Network TV, you may have seen the show, "Crossing Over".  For months, my husband would catch me watching this show and tearing up.  Anytime I tear up at a show, my husband takes interest, so for a surprise for Christmas he purchased a ticket for a session here in Texas to see John Edward, the famous medium.

I went with open skepticism wondering if the audience would be polled, if he would in fact just come into a room and start reading people's life guided by their dead loved ones on the other side.  I was so surprised to see the number of people, almost 600-700 people.  Some wearing items of their deceased loved ones, hope and impatience shown in their eyes, they mulled about talking to the other attendees.  The anxious hope permeated the room, almost like a contagious flu.

I spoke to a lady that sat in the front row that had attended both nights hoping to hear from her loved one.  She was draped with every item of her deceased relative in hopes that it would draw a reading to her.  My first impression was she was so desperate to hear from her relative, almost to the point of following John Edward to every town.  I tried not to ask much about her deceased love one, because I felt that she would break down right there.

I went alone, my husband didn't by himself a ticket and I was elected the guinea pig.  As I waited in line, 2 gracious ladies invited me to sit with them.  I took them up on their offer and starting chatting.  The lady that had asked me was so overburdened with current family that was very ill.  Since my background is in medical and insurance, I was able to suggest to her some ways to ease the financial and emotional burden of taking care of two very sick relatives.  I truly feel that the odds of randomly sitting next to someone that is having an experience that you have knowledge that can help them is truly extraordinary.  I will never know if what I told her will help or make her burden easier, but I feel that I was suppose to be there.

I was not read by John Edward.  A couple in front of me, a group immediately behind me, and another guy 4 rows behind me, plus some ladies to the side of me where read.   At times, I felt like a person in a dunking booth, occasionally the person throwing the balls rattles the cage and you get splashed with water but you never get dunked.   Many of the items spoken to the people around me rang true to my life, things that were so random but dead on.  Even though I did not get read, I felt I got some of the information I had wanted to know.

Was I disappointed that I did not get read?  Absolutely not!  This was such an extremely positive experience and I felt so happy afterward that it truly was amazed.  I was happy for the people who had gotten read, especially a grieving couple that had lost a child.  Being a mother myself and with my medical background, it is all too real to know the loss of a child.  I felt that the people in that room that got read, needed this more than myself, and I was grateful for them that maybe they got that confirmation from their loved one that they needed to be able to move on with their life. 

Have I moved on?  Why was I there?  I went to hear from my grandmother and my sister. My grandmother died three years ago and my sister eight.  Recently, I've been struggling with some life issues that have  been breaking me down.  I was hoping that one of them would pop through and say, "it's going to be okay." That didn't happen but I felt okay afterward and I feel blessed for the feeling.

Would I recommend seeing John Edward in person?  Yes, he truly is very charismatic and when he walks into a room the energy in the room is electrified.  I truly feel that he helps people heal from their grief and if nothing else that is a gift.  I asked him a question, I asked if our loved ones were just over on the other side having a happy hour and just hanging out.  What are they doing?  He responded by saying that is the most common question and that is the information that is so strongly guarded by the spirits he spoke to.  He said he was glad he didn't know because what his point of reference would be would maybe not be someone elses.  So he was glad he didn't know.  I thought that was profound, for each person experiences life just a little bit differently thereby death must be something experienced differently by those that pass over.

If you've lost someone and you wonder where they are, by all accounts, they are watching over you.  If you doubt that, tune into John Edward, watch some of the stuff that comes up.  It truly is amazing.

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Thanks for posting ...I am going to see John Edwards tonight! I am hopeful...but you helped me stay positive no matter the outcome! Thanks!

I go to a different medium. They keep their shows to a smaller group and their fore usually get to everyone. I know they changed my life. It is because of them that I am on a renewed spiritual journey.<br />
<br />
Souls are given things to do on the other side. Of course watching over their families, but these souls also teach the souls that are going to comeback things they will need to know for their next lifetime. They have their fun time too. I hear of them dancing, playing cards and doing other things they enjoyed in life. Or things they wanted to do but while on Earth but never got the chance.<br />
<br />
People that did not get along in life are sometimes together in heaven. Once you cross over all earthly things like possessions and disagreements are no longer important to these souls. The are shown the true meaning of life. So to put it simply they do not sweat the small stuff. It is us that are still on Earth that worry about who did what to who. Or who should have done something differently.<br />
<br />
I believe you were meant to sit next to that lady. God puts people in our lives for a reason. You sat next to each other because he wanted you to help her. It was Gods way of touching the both of you with your one act of kindness.<br />
<br />
May God bless you all and I hope that you know in your hearts that your loved ones are at peace.

I think that's awesome.