Beautiful Day

It was hot but the clouds kept coming over and giving us a break. I think it hit 80 today and the park was packed. Me and my three monkeys along with my brother and his four... until his gf showed up. We played everything from football to baseball to kickball. I took the baby down by one of the lakes to take a few pics and just relax a moment alone. It was fun and being the gotta talk to the world kinda person I am, I had to start up a conversation with another family of kids too.

We hung out there for almost two hours and even watched a little of the BMX race going on and then we drove to another, very secluded, lake in the park and let the kids fish a bit. My only fear is the water was low, the mud was too slick to run very fast without falling and the gators were near by. There are signs posted all over that park to watch for them but when the waters low and food is scarce they seem to make a few more appearances.

Only did about 30 minutes of the kiddie fishing thing before the tired faces took over so took my bunch to Arby's per request and then we stopped for ice cream before heading home. All in all I'd say it was a pretty nice day.

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

It sounds likes a very nice day. It reads like a snapshot of family life that has captured a favorite pastime. You will look back on this day and smile.