My Outdoor Adventures In A Skirt

I used to drive my land rover back from jobs late at night. Put on a black pleated mini skirt about 17" with black tights and knickers.
It was a wonderful feeling.
I once did the same when I did some night time heavy goods driving for a friend.
I also spend some time in my workshop doing work while wearing my skirts. It feels fantastic when you are thinking about the work and you feel the hem tickle you leg as a reminder of what you are wearing.
I have been training myself not to bend over in my short mini & to bend my legs to pick things up from the floor. That's one of the things I enjoy about my short skirts, the way it changes your posture and movements. I have set up cameras to video myself so I can see that I being ladylike in my female attire.
When I am home alone I like to go into the back yard with a cup of tea and a ***, feeling the outdoor breeze around my legs & swishing my skirt gently around my legs.
I often wonder if girls feel this way about their skirts or are they just so used to them that they don't notice it like I do ?
Maybe if any girls are reading this they could tell me. I would be very interested to hear.
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2011

I've loved driving in a skirt and heels ever since I passed my test - it was freedom in more ways than one. I used to pack a bag with a change of clothes, change in a layby and spend the rest of the evening driving to quiet spots and getting out for a stroll to feel the breeze on my legs. I keep a couple of short skirts, pairs of tights and heels down by the spare wheel in the boot of my car for when the impulse takes me. I love this time of year - the dark evenings are great for a drive home in mini-skirt, hose and heels. I often wonder how many of the others I pass are doing the same.

I totally agree with you. Wearing a skirt does make you change how you do things.