The Thrill Of It All...

There is a very definite thrill that I experience whenever I wander out dressed in a skirt and blouse with my 3" heels and jewelry. My outings have generally been at night when most are sitting in front of their TV. I head out for a drive and find a spot where I can park and stroll for a bit. Stepping out of the car on a cool evening starts the adrenaline going and the farther I get from the car the more the adrenaline flows.
Walking around a parking lot (with lights on) has been a great addition to my outings. More people look but few show any real response. Someday I may be passable enough (or brazen enough) to walk into a restaurant in full attire until then I will continue pushing the envelope with the outings for the thrill of it all.
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I have done this also, and it is definitely a thrill. I especially love it when people don't give me a second glance. That's my goal, just to blend in as a woman. I do have trouble with speaking. I have done that some, and find if I stick to something that I have rehearsed then I am kind of sort of OK, but if I have to adlib then my male voice comes out. Then I feel embarrassed, because my voice has gone from somewhat feminine to masculine.

It is such a rush isn't it? And it just seems to get better and better the more you do it too. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I am having too much fun. Oh well!!

One cannot have too much fun (unless one's fun is destructive). Keep it up.

carry on and hope one day you do get chance to visit a resterant

just be careful and since yu are alone i myself have to go out in public with a rather large man -- i have long legs long blond hair and tourchoise eyes and i have been looked at by younger men and do not hav the strength to hold them off-but i live in the US in central calif and sometims there are a lot of red-necks that dont tolerate anything

I share your feelings. I've also felt the thrill of going out dressed, albeit on rare occasions. I remember vividly walking around the streets in a town in Scotland, at night, a couple of years ago (I've posted this experience elsewhere). And I've been out in daylight in the countryside in New England, USA. These fully dressed experiences are so much more satisfying than when I've just gone out partly femme.

my progressis slower iwish in few years going out as femme all in black short skirt ,showing black bra etc.. now i stay in my own lingere daily

You gals have made quite a conversation from this little story. Thanks for the comments.<br />