" Down By The Lake "

One of my most memorable experience of walking dressed as a woman was one day I went to the lake. I got all ready, did my make-up and put on a sexy bra and matching panties and I very short black and white dress. I chose my strawberry blond wig. I was all ready to go and I looked good. I got in my car and drove to the lake several mile from home. I parked the car and got out and walked across the picnic area down to the edge of the water. I found a table right along the water so I sat on it and enjoyed the sun. I was watching several fishermen in boats when one pointed toward me and said something to his fishing buddy, who turned around and looked at me. I didn't realize that I had spread my legs open and they could see up my dress. I sat there for awhile teasing them and enjoying the sun. Finally I decided it was time to go. I got up off the table and started walking back across the picnic area. As I was walking up, an elderly gentleman was walking the other way. We passed and he said " Nice day isn't it" I replied, in my male voice, " Yes it is". He stopped walking and turned around to watch me walk away. I noticed 3 young boys coming into the area, so I got up to my car as fast as I could in 3 inch heels. They never saw me, so I walked across the parking lot and down to the edge of the beach. There wasn't very many people there that day, and on one noticed me. I was a great feeling, being out completely dress as a woman, feeling the wind blowing up my dress and the sun on my skin. I love days like this, days I can be myself and enjoy the moment. I didn't want to, but I knew I had to go home and back to reality. The drive home was also nice, I took the freeway and flashed a few truckers. I enjoy hearing the horns, I know they liked what I was showing. I got home and changed back into male mode and waited for my wife to get home from work. I told her all about my day. She was glad I had a great time !!!
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2012

Wonderful story, the more I muse upon your experience the more I wish it could have been me.<br />
Maybe it will one day...........

ZhenyalLover, Don't ever give up hope...Your day will come and you will enjoy it and remember it always !!!

Yes, your story is empowering. Taking short walks in natural areas and sitting in the sun seem to be the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon dressed in your finest femme. I will be duplicating your day soon and will let you know about it. Thanks for sharing.

It turned out to be one of my most exciting day !!!