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Love going out driving late at night compleatly
dressed up in some of my favorite women's
clothing. The next step for me as I just found
out there is a Kmart store close by that is 24hrs
So I want to get totally dressed Fem & go to the
Shopping center shopping for women's clothes
Late at night. it makes Me feel all tingly
Just thinking about it. I already have the perfect
Outfit picked to wear. Ahhhh DREAMS
debracd debracd
36-40, M
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go for a drive in a mini dress and when you come out of the store have some trouble getting your car started...that always draws attention...the damsel in distress thing....I do it all the time with my old ford and never have trouble getting guys to help me then. of course my old ford with the carb is really easy to flood out.

i get all dressed up 2 or 3 times a week and go out in public day or night and really enjoy my fem clothes.

You should tell us about your outfit you plan to wear....

I wear heel pumps, strappy heels, or lacey flats. silky nylon stockings that are hooked to straps from a open bottom girdle, silky nylon full brief panties, a long slip that is double thickness with lace by my boobs, under the arms and at the bottom, a lace bra, a dress and a sweater, a wig and a purse and makeup and ear rings and a necklass, and I really really enjoy being dressed up. it is so enjoyable to wear ladies clothes. why should they have all the enjoyment. men you should try it.

tonight I have on multi color flats. Silky nylon stockings I just got today I like them so much I ordered 8 more pair . wearing them my hairless legs feel smooth as silk and they shine. next I have on a open bottom girdle with straps hooked to my stockings and silky nylon full brief panties, a half slip, a lace bra, a camisole, a short black skirt. a off white long sleeve sweater with small Christmas trees on it down the front and on the sleeves and around the waist, a wig, makeup and a purse. I am wearing it now I just got home from a night on the town and the enjoyment of wearing the clothes that I like to wear. I would rather wear these clothes any day than mens clothes. the garter straps pull on my stockings, the lingerie rubs on my body, and I feel the bra around my chest and shoulders every breath I take.

Omigosh, DELIGHTFUL feeling, isn't it?!

yes it is so delightful to be all dressed up. it is so comfortable.

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omigosh, do it! so so erotic!

Hi Debra, That is so great you are going out dressed for a drive. I've gone to KMart dressed enfemme and bought panties and had no problems. You go gurl! Let us know how it goes.